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Teri Skultety

Poetess. Novelist.

Strange Ode to Levon Helm

Thin volume Strange Discourse Of course The amber bottle The alchemical all chemical Solution for resolutions conventions the best intentions but not really.Β  maybe. kick the tires and light the fires And Levon can light my cigarette Gotta get outta here.     TS   featured photo by Elliot Landy, […]

Supernova, 2008

And she stood there,Like some Paris Street Light,Like some too long, tired night,Fading,You couldn’t see much by her,Anymore,The spark behind the eye,Burned so bright, right through the sky,Once,The Sun was jealous that day.She didn’t notice,Already feeling the wane,The want,The longing for the peak of the arc,Only breaths over it,knowing it […]

Slipshod Paradise

Walls and vines of limbs, The Great Barrier Reef of my grief, You can’t get in, Searching soul, Whatever it was I sought, It has decomposed, Sickly sweet, like too much fruit fallen, From The Neglected Tree, In an overgrown garden. This slipshod paradise of thinking twice, Of doubting Eden, […]

The Female Animal

CURE: THE FEMALE ANIMAL They opened up the cage, They let it out, Set the monster free to walk about, Ignored all of the signs that “No feeding.” Pulled away a stump that won’t stop bleeding, Screaming in a panic now they swear, They didn’t even know they thing was […]


DREAMING 9-19-91 It sounded like thunder. We could see a strange, red cloud rising up in the distance. Having had only the blank landscape in front of us for hours on end, the cloud was an irresistible sight. Keep moving, I thought, stay in the Jeep. Before I had a […]


    Remember the “family vacation?” Not the high-end, modern, version so often depicted in television and films, matching luggage and airplanes, but the old-school, load everything in the car and drive there family vacation? Roadside rests, gas stations, fast food, or the deluxe meal at a chain restaurant, sleeping […]


Night is falling. The light changing. Electric evening blue sliding through the trees shadowed in that way again. The way that I remember. It doesn’t matter if it is real or not. I’ll let beauty dictate dreams and wash my feet in streams of consciousness and bliss. I don’t deny […]


All the night my fingers flew, You slept alone and never knew, The dreams that I was making true, All the night my fingers flew, Up to – The Top of the World and back, Flew around each railroad track, Across the keys then stopped to crack, Get themselves all […]

Map Maker.

17th Century Map of the World   Map Maker March 2009 East of Eden, The Garden of Weedin’, Planting my seeds of deeds undone’ By everyone, I ever knew, Except for you. Except for you, Who let the roses grow, Who had no fear of snow, You, The cold meant […]

Will She Burn?

What if I cannot be all the things you seek? A shining light in all your moments bleak? What if I am not the one to hold steadfast, As you attach your billowed sail unto my mast, What if I am fragile like thin glass? The potion that I hold […]