Teri Skultety

Teri Skultety is a poetess and novelist. She writes fiction, transcending the boundaries of genre and convention, from stories of everyday life to historical fiction, things Gothic and romantic, Love Stories, westerns, fantasy, urban and otherwise, horror, crime stories, Noir, Science Fiction, etc. Teri’s poetry ranges from the lyrical and rhyming, to free form and abstract verse. She knows some things about storms, rabbit holes, and dragging monsters out from under the bed. Sometimes Teri makes up words, believing completely that this moves the language forward. She also likes to take photographs.

Teri believes in personal and individual privacy, freedom, and respect. She thinks people need their hope, faith, dreams, their heroes, intact, whenever possible, and that we are capable of creating beautiful worlds. Teri believes in the redemptive, restorative, power of literature, of fiction, and poetry, and in the value of storytelling.

In addition to her own books, Teri’s work has been included in anthologies and published on the web with Thunderdome, Juked, Solarcide, Phantasmagorium, Punchnel’s, SYWZine, Out of the Gutter Online, and The Society of Classical Poets.

Teri makes her home in California’s San Joaquin Valley with her husband, listening to the sound of glasspacks roar into summer evenings and the lullaby of trains rumbling through in the distance in the night.


I write because I love to write.
I write to dream. I write to understand.
I write to rid myself of the poison.
Teri Skultety