Adages and Wisdom

Looking around at the state of the state and the condition of conditions this year, I’ve been reminded that:
1. People tend to believe what they want to believe
2. You can’t tell some people anything about anything

I’ve learned that:
1. The older I get the less of a sense of humor I have about things that actually aren’t funny
2. Sometimes people get quieter when they get older because they got tired of wasting their breath
3. If you find one real, true, relationship in this world with one other human being where there’s no bullshit involved and you can count on them and that, you’re luckier than most people will ever be
4. The world is generally nothing like I thought it was, I don’t know if I’m in shock or just disappointed, but it’s probably the latter. And even having said that, there is still so much beauty to behold in this world.
5. People who start out trying to change you, or “improve you” without having been asked by you to engage in that task, they probably aren’t going to like the real you any better however many years down the road. (And that doesn’t at all mean they were/are in any way correct.)
6. I don’t really miss going out to restaurants, but I do miss having the option. I was never a huge fan of going to the movies, but it was kind of nice to know that all those things existed out in the normal, free, world. I was never a fan of the shopping mall, but I’ve realized that I liked knowing it was there.
7. Insensitivity is a learned trait, taught when a person is young usually by someone being dismissive and insensitive to them, and once ingrained in someone, it’s hard to break a person of it. Kindness and generosity of spirit are also learned traits. Having a loving nature often makes for a cleaner conscience because the heart of such a person tends to be in the right place, but that doesn’t necessarily make anything else easier.
8. Those swayed by public opinion, popularity, trends, can and likely will, be swayed again.
9. Love is what matters. And it goes hand in hand with respect.
10. You can always count on a dishonest man to be dishonest and a man (or woman) who lies to himself will have no trouble passing those lies on to you.
11. Happiness is not a constant state of being and people who expect it to be so do not understand what happiness is. Happiness comes and goes and ebbs and flows, just like every other emotion. Perhaps it would be better to seek to feel content with one’s lot, or satisfied with it. One can then sustain an unhappy moment knowing that they are none the less satisfied with their life, or some portion of it. Perhaps the rain ruined your graduation ceremony, causing an unhappy moment, but you can remain satisfied at having graduated at all.
12. Things change, learn to roll with it as much as you can. Though this is often easier said than done.

And, Bogart was right, “The whole world is about three drinks behind.”