Today is approximately day 212 of two weeks to flatten the curve and slow the spread of Coronavirus, Covid-19.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has now come out and said that lockdowns are not the answer. Does anyone remember when the Surgeon General of the United States said that masks weren’t necessary or helpful (in March or April) and then contradicted that long about June? The WHO has also said that there’s no going back to “normal.” To which I say, why not? Switzerland has gone back to normal, and is that really up to them?

In the course of the last eight months, someone very close to me was hospitalized. He tested negative for Covid-19 no less than four times. He did not have it. I was not allowed to visit him while he was in the hospital, no one was. Our parting at the (very empty) Emergency Room could have easily been the last time I was ever to see him. But that didn’t matter to the powers that be and who seem to be arbitrarily making up rules as they go along. However, a few weeks later a vice presidential candidate was able to sit beside with someone who was a complete stranger to her, in a hospital in Wisconsin. I couldn’t go to a beauty parlor or nail salon here in California, but Nancy Pelosi could, without wearing a mask. Diane Feinstein can walk around an airport without a mask. Protesters, and rioters, are allowed to assemble and raise their voices in the name of protest, Christians, however, are not allowed to assemble and raise their voices in the name of God. Apparently, in New York, on-again, off-again, neither are Jews allowed to gather to worship. People are allowed to fill the streets to march for whatever, on either side of whatever issue, but not allowed to attend a rock concert, the symphony, the theater, a wedding, a funeral, a christening, etc.

That’s a lot of contradiction. So then they say it is a matter of determining what is necessary and essential. And as many have pointed out, how does this allegedly deadly virus know the difference? The virus is either incredibly dangerous, or it isn’t. If it were really incredibly dangerous, I have to believe that no large gatherings of any kind would be allowed, regardless of whether the Lakers won or lost.

The senior class of 2020 had no graduation, no prom, no senior trip, was robbed of every traditional right of passage into the adult world. People cannot visit loved ones in hospitals. Many people are not receiving proper medical treatment because of restrictions placed on the medical community by regulations relating to Covid-19, almost as if what they want is to funnel people into the hospitals because if a person has ANY of the possible symptoms of Covid-19, chances are they cannot get seen by their regular doctor. This, in and of itself, is ludicrous because apparently the common symptoms of every other illness in existence, that one might go to their regular doctor for treatment of, are also the symptoms of Covid-19. What if a loved one is hospitalized and in such a condition that they cannot speak for or advocate for themselves, cannot communicate necessary information to hospital staff, or tell the doctor something that only a close family member could, were they there to observe it?Β  What then? People are being prohibited from visiting their loved ones who are in nursing homes or senior care facilities and while on one hand, yes, this is the most high-risk group of people, on the other hand, what good is it for those affected to spend their last days or hours without the presence of those they love and cherish most in this world? And if those most at risk in nursing homes are isolated and not being allowed any visitors, for months on end now, how is it that so many in such facilities are contracting the virus? They’ve had no visitors, from whom are they getting it? Certainly, all such staff members are wearing the appropriate “personal protective equipment” that’s supposed to keep everyone so safe and virus free. If you want to take your pet to the veterinarian, you have to wait outside in your car until they say you can enter, one at a time. How does this make sense as every person there is having contact with the exact same staff members? You can go to the dentist, but, again, you have to wear a mask and wait in your car, so you can enter the same building that every other patient is entering, only one at a time. Patrons have to wear a mask to walk through the restaurant but can take the mask off at the dining table while eating, off dishes and plates that have been used by countless other humans, touched by cooks, the servers, and hopefully run through the dishwasher at the proper temperature before being placed back within easy reach on the cook’s line.

But, I’m trying to make sense of the senseless.

In California, the governor is, apparently, being inundated with lawsuits from citizens who have lost their livelihoods because of Covid-19 restrictions. People have the right to assemble because that’s their first amendment right to freedom of speech and to protest, but they don’t have a right to earn a living? Thousands are allowed to gather in the streets in protest, but the average person cannot have more than ten people at their home or operate their restaurant at normal capacity indoors, because that presents a public health risk? How many public libraries have closed and will never re-open because of all this nonsense?

Now there’s all this “Well, we’ll answer that after the election.” or “Well, we’ll release that after the election.” And, “Because, blah, blah, blah, gimmagotus-lahoolavookus!”

Welcome to Limbo.

Well, it’s only because the average American isn’t really smart enough to know what common sense is, or propaganda, and has no ability to understand where these super educated folks in the upper echelon of society are coming from or what they’re talking about. ( That’s sarcasm.) I wear a mask only when I cannot avoid it in order to procure necessary items, otherwise, I do not wear a mask, and I remove it as soon as possible. I’ve seen people driving around alone in their cars with masks on, exercising out in the open fresh air by themselves with masks on, and yet they can hear the news or know that the protests are going on, that people are being allowed into the streets to march in the hundreds and sometimes thousands, allowed, without social distancing being enforced in any way,Β and they still think they are in some kind of imminent danger from this virus or that if they were, the mask could prevent it.

I think we will go back to normal. I think we will go back to normal like flappers in the roaring twenties and drinkers at the end of prohibition.Β  I’m looking forward to the rest of the autumn season this year. I’m looking forward to winter like I haven’t looked forward to it in years. I hope it rains and snows like a mutha, right through the spring of 2021.