All the Sheeple Tell Me So

I remember sitting here at my computer, looking at Twitter, the first week of March of this year, and seeing a video of two women in a store in Australia, fighting over toilet paper.Β  I thought, “What the hell?” Then I realized that all the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up. I took a look around at a few other situations, not really knowing quite what was going on, and made a decision to make a supply run to the store for anything we were running low on.

A couple of weeks later ( or maybe it was only a week?), we were being told “Two weeks to flatten the curve” and that everything would open back up again on April 1.

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, now heading into October, that’s six and half months going into month seven. My non- medical opinion, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on tv, we never should have shut everything down. Never. At first, we didn’t know what we were dealing with. Okay. Now we do, and it isn’t at all what any of the so-called medical experts predicted back in March and April, not even close. Everyone seems to have forgotten that, to begin with, we were told there was no point in wearing a mask, that the masks were generally pretty useless. In California, the “mask mandate” did not begin until June. JUNE. There’s seemingly endless talk about a vaccine. Why would anyone need a vaccine for a virus with a ninety-five percent survival rate (95%) even among our most vulnerable? The common-sense answer would be, we probably don’t need one, and when they come up with one, it should be a completely voluntary thing. People are freaked-out. These are the latest numbers from the CDC on Covid-19 survival rates:

0-19 years old 99.997%
20-49 years old 99.98%
50-69 years old 99.5%
70+ years old 94.6%

Why is anyone still wearing a mask? Why isn’t America fully re-opened and getting back to normal? I’m not making those numbers up. That doesn’t mean it isn’t horrible for anyone who does contract the virus. But, there are a lot of viruses and contagions out there that are far more deadly than this strain of the Coronavirus. We didn’t know that, and now we do.

A certain amount of skepticism is healthy. Two weeks to flatten the curve? Now it’s seven months later and one doctor is saying things should be locked down tighter and another saying open it all we never should have shut it down. Rhetorical question, what does your common sense tell you, all these months later? Think. Does what they’re telling you, jibe with your own common-sense, with what you’re seeing and know from your own experience?

There’s a lot of stuff going on out there in the world these days that doesn’t make any sense to me. For the most part, I don’t know what to say about any of it. That’s the truth. My mind boggled somewhere back in July, I think, and since then, I really don’t know what to say.

Am I writing again? If you call this writing. I needed to take some time away from writing. I’ve done that now. I’ve distracted myself with a myriad of other things that I may or may not discuss at some time or another.Β  I think anyone can write. But anyone and everyone who writes isn’t necessarily a writer. I think writers are born. I think writers know themselves as such from some time in their youth. My life has changed in the last seven months. Hasn’t everyone’s life changed in the last seven months? The world has changed.

It’s that time of year again, though, the fall season. Not quite time for the Vivaldi yet but, soon.



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