Evening in the Parlor

Had I ever seen so fascinating a drawing-room, a parlor so well-appointed? I daresay I had not and it became my most fervent passion to discover how it was that such a place had come to exist at all. Eventually, I realized that is was as all such places of wonder, formed at length over the course of some time at a pace suited only to itself. And that it was, as all such places, perpetually unfinished, ever-changing, as to the needs of its inhabitants, as to the wants and whims of its spirit and grace. ~ TS

Close to a decade ago, I started this webpage and “blog” in support of my writing. Earlier this year I decided to shut it all down. What I’d been thinking for quite a while was, “Do I really want to do this anymore? I don’t think I want to do this anymore.” That was four months ago. I haven’t missed writing, publishing, sitting here for hours on end. And that’s it really. If I had achieved some kind of massive financial success with my writing then perhaps I’d find myself trying to justify continuing on with something that has ceased to bring joy to my life, and so on, but it was never about that and so, in some ways perhaps that is a blessing. They say that not getting what you wanted, or thought you wanted, is often a wonderful stroke of luck. I could wax philosophic on any number of things, topics, what went whatever way or didn’t, and this, that, and the other thing, the state of the world, what have you, but then I’d be writing a blog, or at least a blog post, again. And, as has already been established, I’m not doing that.

I wanted to say thank-you to anyone who has read my work and enjoyed it, who followed this webpage, who joined me on occasion in my “parlor” for my ramblings, my poetry, and metaphorical cups of tea. It was, and is, much appreciated. There were certainly highlights and times when it was a lot of fun. The books I’ve already published are still available. This little bit of something of my webpage will remain, at least for a while, as a placeholder. It is simply time for me to be doing other things.

God Bless. Best Wishes and Regards,
Teri Skultety