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Let’s Interject Some Perspective

So, if I want to know about something for myself, I look it up.

The H1N1 pandemic, according to the CDC, took the lives of an estimated 575,400 people WORLDWIDE. Of those deaths, 12,469 of them were in the United States from an estimated 60.8 MILLION cases. That’s a death rate of less than 1%. (Link.) ( Link.)

We did not essentially shut down the country for H1N1. I barely even heard about it but once or twice at the time, and 60.8 million cases is quite a few.

Are we overreacting now?

I do not know. And that’s the crux of the situation. No one really knows if we’re overreacting or not. Keeping in mind that this thing started last fall in China, so we’re about five months into this pandemic worldwide, and globally we’re not even at one million cases, but that there are places where the number of cases currently seems disproportionately large, like in New York, I still don’t know.

The current numbers on Coronavirus are being tracked by Johns Hopkins University. Despite the horrors of what has happened in China, Italy, and Spain, where the virus has moved through the elderly population and the infirm like a tidal wave, the GLOBAL number of deaths is at this moment listed as 22,030. Interesting to note that in the time it took me to gather this information, write this, that number jumped from 21,353. But it’s going to be that way for a little while. We’re at the beginning of this outbreak in North American, so, yes, those numbers are going to go up as the virus basically completes a circuit around the globe. It makes it seem like the virus is moving very fast, it will eventually level off. But, if you’re like me in that information about such situations helps you feel less stressed, and you like to at least feel like you have some idea of what is going on, here is the link to Johns Hopkins University’s Global tracking page of the Coronavirus. (Link.) You can look at the statistics on H1N1 for some kind of comparison and perspective as we all go forward from here.




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