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Freedom, While You Still Have a Choice

So the situation in Italy is that they are no longer treating patients with the coronavirus who are over the age of sixty because they do not have the equipment or the facilities to do so. Not only that, but they’ve also formed panels to decide who receives treatment and who doesn’t, based on an assessment of who they think looks like they’ll make it. This is a result of socialized medicine. Make no mistake about that. In Spain, they are using an Olympic ice rink as morgue storage for the bodies. Also in Spain, they’ve found abandoned victims in a senior center.ย  Some ignorant person dared to post on the ever truthful internet how much Cuba is helping during this crisis. I managed not to say anything, but just so you know, if someone has to go to the hospital in Cuba, they have to take their own towels and bedsheets with them from home, they have bring their own medication with them or family has to go to a third location, a pharmacy, to get it, because they have none of those basic things in the hospitals there.

I want to tell you this, we do not have socialized medicine and healthcare here. And this will likely be one of the main factors that save us. The other thing I’ve considered is that overall, in the United States, we have much better healthcare from birth. We’re inoculated against certain things from infancy and perhaps that creates a stronger overall immune system. I don’t know, but that’s a thought.

I know that Europe survived, persevered, through The Black Death. But, do you know where The Black Death originated? In China. It arrived in Europe via a port in Messina Sicily aboard what are now referred to as “The Death Ships.” Sound familiar, like cruise ships stranded out there for however long? An eerie coincidence, perhaps. (Please, be intelligent enough to know that that does not mean that Asian peoples are responsible for the Covid-19 virus. Please. Really now.) Nonetheless, the point was, is, Europe does still exist today. It’s horrible. I don’t think it’s the least bit funny. But there are people who are recovering, and life will go on. But what that will look like is still, in this moment, up to us.

And let me put the humor aspect of this in perspective, it isn’t that the toilet paper jokes aren’t relieving some tension for some, I’ve seen a couple of things I’ve laughed at, but would any of it still be funny to you if someone you knew and care for, was fighting this virus? If you lived in Spain and they were driving the trucks past your house to get to the Olympic ice rink make-shift morgue, would it still be funny? So, that’s my take on it. Personally, as an American, I think Americans, in general, tend to be a little too glib about some things, because that’s how good we’re used to having it here.


Walls aren’t a hundred percent foolproof but they sure help. (photo kyped from the tv series The Walking Dead)

I’m saying any of this at all because I really believe that people need to understand how evil socialism and communism are and what it would do to this country. Read. Read about socialism and communism in other countries. Read about Lenin and Stalin and Hitler and Fidel Castro and Mao Tse Tung. Really look things up, not just what agrees with some utopian fantasy of equality and so-called fairness that does not exist, but the reality of what really happens to countries and to the people in them when they embrace socialism and communism.

“The goal of socialism is communism.” Vladimir Lenin

People need to understand that a lack of toilet paper would be the least of our worries. People need to understand that a secure border isn’t just about physically “keeping people out” but about the safety and sanctity of our populous. Right now, and ALWAYS. My opinion of that is that we need to have ports of entry for immigrants that are modern versions of Ellis Island, everyone coming in gets a health screening, and whatever else deemed necessary for the safety of our citizens. But I’m saying this because I want people to educate themselves. Don’t take my word for it, look these things up for yourselves and read about them until you comprehend the truth of these ideologies and not just the delusion that’s been spoon-fed to at least a generation now by fear mongers with agendas that don’t include individual rights and freedoms. I say this because while yes, I think there’s obviously a virus on the loose, I also think there are those who are doing everything they can to take advantage of what’s going on so they can try to take more control away from the average citizen. People need to understand that what some politicians are trying to do has nothing to do with helping the American people and everything to do with helping themselves at the expense of our tax dollars, rights, and freedoms.

Do you want to know how fast all the freedoms and luxuries we have in American could go away? How long did it take for the shelves to clear in the grocery stores? It takes a moment, and that is all. And that is the truth. The take away from all this should be, at the very least, to understand how wonderful life is the U.S., to understand why it is that way, and to learn not to take it for granted.

Now, when I catch my breath I’ll share my tetrazzini recipe and you’ll discover what all those cans of cream soups that are still on the shelves are good for, awesome sauce. And that sort of thing is what I’d much rather be doing. Or starting work on the next book. Or painting my kitchen cabinets liked I’d planned to this spring. I am a person who craves normalcy and calm. I’ve been stressed out anyway, and then, you know, the world had to go and have a REAL problem. But now this thing has happened to the world, it has. And it’s important, so important. And we need to wake up and secure our freedom, so we can go back to enjoying it.




Note: I haven’t watched the new season of The Walking Dead. I made an executive decision to remember Carol and Daryl as I loved them best.

Also note: And perhaps I shouldn’t reveal this but, if I ever I refer to zombies, I’m just talking about people who don’t think. There’s a cure, self-education.

And lastly: If Suzy jumps off a bridge, do you have to jump off a bridge too? Don’t eat Tide pods, or drink fish tank cleaner, or lick store shelves or items on them, you don’t know where those store shelves have been.

2 thoughts on “Freedom, While You Still Have a Choice”

  1. I am afraid in some respects it has started here. Did you know if you are over 65 Medicare or Tricare will cover smoking cessation programs or medication. This is just one example. This is excellent Teri and I am passing it on! Thank you!


    1. Taking care of our senior citizens and elderly, of having a safety-net for those who choose to use it, isn’t the same as having a socialized healthcare system that negates private insurance and medical care and completely takes control away from the individual.



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