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Songs for the Moment

I had quite the day. I am telling you this, it is a different world out there right now. Until things settle down, don’t go out there if you don’t need to, don’t go out there after dark or anywhere near it, and keep your wits about you. The underbelly of some things is beginning to show itself. If you are among the decent humans, then continue to be as decent as you can be, especially to those who are decent to you. Be civil to your fellow humans. Know that you are making choices. Put your damn shopping carts back in the shopping cart corral. Remember your manners. Let grace not become too elusive a quality in these trying times. Be mindful of those you love, of your friends, your neighbors, your immediate community. Stay healthy and safe. Gather your self-respect and rise to the occasion.

I heard a Billy Idol song today that made me smile. I thought it was rather apropos of the current moment, and then my day went on and I thought of some other songs too. So, let’s all do our best to do our best. I’m thinking I’ll share a few recipes as well, as things go on, easy things that can be made with ingredients most people probably usually have on hand. Rumor is I’m a decent cook. Be good to each other out there. ~ TS












And truly, a song for social distancing…

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