Since I’ve Been Gone…

Well… this webpage… Do I feel like talking?

So, I recently had to reconfigure a bunch of stuff because I needed to ditch an email that I used for close to a decade. In the process, I secured my domain here for a while. But, before I did all that, I backed-up my webpage. If you’re a writer, you should be backing up your work in some way or another as much as you can. But, if you have a webpage, every now and then it’s a good idea to back that up too. I’ve had several webpages since I started at this in 2011. My first webpage was titled “Winsome Vein” and that gave way to a page that I wanted to be kind of an “art piece” that was only ever going to have a certain number of posts, that was “Big Nose Kate’s Wild West Emporium.” Then I dubbed a page “Soverane Stories” after my pseudonym, and that’s some other story. I’ve had a couple of versions of “The Red Rose Vine” and there was a page dedicated to the vampire novel, “Aeternus Fidei,” which, by the way, the vampire novel is once again available for purchase! Then there was a page I called “Potentially Terrific” as in “every day starts out potentially terrific” and there was a lot of sarcasm and humor involved there as I had only recently become sober and I was having a time with some things! Oh, man, was I. I was going through it. I built a page I called “Midnight at the Starlight Deluxe” and that one was so fun to build, it was like a diner in outer space, it was all neon and blinking lights, I had to build that one on blogger because wordpress will not let you plug in that much blinking. I got a book out of that one. But, around the time I was getting sober, the fall of 2016, I decided to just put my name on the thing and go with it. I’ve had this webpage ever since then, though obviously not only this webpage as now I have Poetess Imagery too.

But… at some time or another, I backed up every one of those webpages. That doesn’t mean all the content from each of them survived, it didn’t, but a lot of stuff did. This page is now fully integrated. I’ve salvaged posts from all the other versions of my webpages. I don’t know what they did or will do to the subscription feed when I set this thing to “public” again, so if you got slammed with a bunch of posts from me, you’ve got my apologies on that one. Hopefully, you’ve found some good reading in them.

I’ve also streamlined the categories and added a few other elements. I’m always optimizing. I’m just going to keep doing what I do, my way. Writing what I write, posting my tunes, ramblin and wranglin and getting things accomplished.

The vampire novel is available again. You know, I’ll probably never be completely finished with it but having better tools to edit and correct sure makes a big difference. So here’s the link to that…

Writing and editing novels will make you want to write flash-fiction and poems, let me tell you. There may be a post or two yet to restore but I think I’m most of the way there. So, I’ll leave y’all with some Dokken tonight and I’ll be around.