A post by Teri Skultety, The Writerly Life

Avoiding Burn Out

This is a good write-up about ways to “protect” yourself and your work from burn-out, right here, by Lilith Saintcrow. This is really important stuff for writers to hear from other writers and understand.

I’ve said some of these things myself.

I’ve realized that by the time I get close to the finish line with a book, I feel spent. I feel like I’ve turned myself inside out and put “too much” in the book or “out there” and I get fed-up with social media, among other things. Then I pull everything way back so it feels to me like it’s “in control.” About then I catch my breath and start trying to undo whatever I did when I was reeling things in, keeping in mind that sometimes those “edits” aren’t all a bad thing.

Forgetting all the while the obvious thing that Lilith Saintcrow points out, writing takes emotional energy. Somewhere in all this, I apparently expected myself to be able to just do “everything” and keep doing it endlessly. If you’ve ever followed any of my pages, I give a lot creatively, whether that’s sharing poems, photographs, etc. and I guess I’m still learning how to “manage” that so that I don’t burn out.