Are You Stressed About the State of the World?

I had mentioned before that in reading Carl Sandburg’s biography of President Abraham Lincoln one of the things that struck me is how in some instances, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Political intrigues aren’t a new thing, they’re the norm. What is different about them now is that social media has made us hyper-aware, which exacerbates the problem.

For some serious perspective as to the current state of things in the U.S., there’s a series running on the Smithsonian Channel, “America In Color” that is truly amazing. Watching this series from the first episode has provided me with some much-needed perspective as to the ongoing tumultuous state of the United States, and the world. There has always been something “happening” and going on and there have always been issues and problems and so on. There are two important takeaways from that, one is, we’re still here. The other important revelation is that while the U.S. hasn’t always gotten everything right the first time, as a country, we have, as a country, continued to learn from our mistakes and advance. From slavery to suffrage to Civil Rights, from epidemics to cures and vaccines, from the combustion engine to walking on the moon to everyone having a handheld computer and calling it a phone, this country as a country has continued to learn and grow.

Being able to see that, to get that perspective and apply it to now, has helped me de-stress and not be micro-focused on things I cannot control. Some of the episodes are on YouTube but I think it’s helpful to watch them in order from Season 1, Episode 1, because that helps to present the unfolding of history and the historical progression. It’s a really good series. So, here’s the link to that if you think you might want to check it out. Certainly educational.