Magdalene Aubergine, This Weekend

Sometime before Monday, “Magdalene Aubergine” should be available for purchase. When it goes live on Amazon, I’ll post up the link and link it on my book pages. I went over my proof-copy today (it arrived bent but after spending the afternoon under a stack of big books it straightened out.) I’ll be going over it again during the course of the weekend just to check it for the hundredth time, though I do like to leave at least one anomaly in every book if only for the sake of reminding myself to let go of just a little of my perfectionistic tendencies. (“If I waited for perfection I would never write a word.” – Margaret Atwood) I’m sure I’ve said it before but when you’re doing everything yourself, and perhaps even if you aren’t, by the time you get to the finish line with editing a book, the easiest words start to look like they’re misspelled. I’ve stared at my own name on a book cover and gone over it one letter at a time, uncertain if I spelled it correctly.

This book is eighty-five pieces of poetry, prose, flash-fiction, fiction, essay, and non-fiction. Some of these pieces were written as far back as 2011, and some of them were written last year. I think of each of my collections of poetry as deeply personal, and I’m probably still too close to this one to offer much objectivity regarding this work, but I will say, humbly, I think this is good work. Some of these pieces were tough to write, and at least one of them might be emotionally tough to read, especially if you love cats. (That’s as close to any kind of preface on that as I’ll get.) I poured my heart into this book. I would say that if you’ve enjoyed the poetry I’ve shared on my web pages, you’ll probably dig this book. There are links to some of the poems in this book posted here. Link. And here’s a couple of bits, and a peek at the table of contents, eighty-five pieces, one hundred and forty-six pages.  As to the overall theme, I would say that “Magdalene Aubergine” is about love, strength, about resilience and the modern Woman, with an obvious nod to Mary Magdalene which is where the original inspiration for where this collection began. be continued…


And here’s where I’m going to say that I’m probably due for taking a moment “away” from all this. I love making my own books at this point in the proceedings, but it is a tremendous amount of work. I wouldn’t even venture a guess as to what the next book will be, or when. “Magdalene Aubergine” is my eleventh book since 2016. It’s time to get my nose out of a book for a while, so to speak, if I’m even capable of that anymore. I don’t have too much else to say about it, for a change.

If you’re following along on either of my webpages, thank you for reading and the support. I appreciate it. I will post up the links as soon as “Magdalene Aubergine” is live.