2020, Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Year!

As I begin to write this, we are two hours out from the New Year, and the new decade, here on the West Coast! Where to even begin?

I’m pretty sure I thought we’d all be flying around in our own little spaceships, like on The Jetsons, by now in this year 2020. Didn’t you?

I’ve decided not to make any new year’s resolutions. I made a list of resolutions last December, I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.ย  I’m pretty sure I kept one of them, I think. Anyway, it isn’t about resolutions so much as it is about having some resolve. Something else that occurred to me today, those of us born before the year 2000, were born in the previous century. So, I’m old school and so last century, to boot. I noticed quite a few people posting their comparisons of where they were at the beginning of the decade to where they are now. I thought about that and came to the conclusion that we’re not all on the same schedule, though I do think things are cyclical. What I mean is, for me, the things that were going on in my life at the beginning of the decade had gotten underway a couple of years before that. Sometimes, however, more important than recognizing the events themselves, might be recognizing if there is a “theme” at work in one’s life. There’s that saying, “Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path,” well, I think that may have been the “theme” at work in my life at the beginning of the decade. But, do I know that for sure? Philosophically, it’s a decent tack to take at this moment, a positive way to look at things. Some years of our lives are not only transitional but transformative. I believe in a higher power, that things in the universe are continuously working to guide us to where we’re going. I’m pretty happy with where my life is at and how things are going at this moment, at the end of this decade. Now, I could dig a little, a lot, deeper into those themes, that subject, and I likely will, on my own time, because suffice it to say, none of it exactly worked out as I thought I would have wanted it to. I could get into it now, but that isn’t what I want to be doing at this moment. I think it’s a topic that will keep, I hope. So then there’s that other saying, that sometimes not getting what you wished for is a wonderful stroke of luck. Sometimes the universe, God, the “IS,” has other plans, a better plan, than whatever we had in mind for ourselves. Or, perhaps we’re sometimes slow to see how things are working to transform us into our vision. These things can take a little time.

For now, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! If you’re following along, thanks so much for the support. Looking forward to the new year, I’ve got a lot of ideas for projects, a few started already, a book to finally get out the door, I hope, etc., etc., etc.

We’re thirty-nine minutes away from the new year now, here in California. I’m going to go open a bottle of sparkling cider and find the countdown to watch the ball drop.

Happy New Year!



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