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Have a Merry Christmas…

I am ready for Christmas, I think. I’ve even decorated the page here with a sparkly background and a toasty hearth. I wanted to take a minute to say Merry Christmas to all, and thank you to those following along on any of my webpages.

My new sofa was delivered today and that makes me super happy. Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve had increasing back and neck pain. Well, come to find out I’ve got degenerative disc disease, Lordosis, some Stenosis, and mild Scoliosis. I know, stop with the sexy talk. Really the “mild Scoliosis” is likely due to the fact that one of my legs is slightly shorter than the other. (All this stuff is what made me a poetess, a writer!) Still though, as sexy as that is (lol), it all kind of hurts now and then. So, I needed a new sofa. A few years ago I’d picked out this huge brown sofa thing that I thought would be really cool with all these “romantic” pillows piled on it. Turns out, it was just uncomfortable. It was awful for my back and neck, there was no way for me to sit without being in a slouched position. It was also supposed to be a down sofa and the company we purchased it from pulled a bit of a bait and switch. They did the same thing with a recliner they sold us, the one that broke. When my husband got a new chair, he bought me a new sofa. I picked out some custom deep red fabric, and it is beautiful and I love it. It’s a traditional style sofa with good, firm, supportive cushions, but it has a vintage look to it. (We’ll likely be doing the “stay-cation” at home next year, at least, a-hem, after this “Christmas,” but that’s just fine by me.) If I had a “decorating style” I’d call it “Modern-Victorian-Eclectism” which translates to pretty much whatever I like or love, whatever we like or love, and think is cool. I do try to keep the surface clutter to a minimum in common rooms because my husband doesn’t dig the clutter. I don’t believe in “decorating” so much as curating and collecting. (That means I shop wherever and probably have a few items some folks might classify as “junk.”) Anyway, I couldn’t be happier with the sofa, I completely love it. It’s wonderful to be able to sit down to watch television without the crunching and collapsing of my neck and spine. I’m going to sit on my red sofa in a little while and treat myself to a viewing of the film “Only Lovers Left Alive,” as it has become one of my favorite films even though it is about vampires.

I’m ready for Christmas, I think. The watching of the Christmas movies is well underway. We started things off this year with a screening of “Lethal Weapon.” I’ve managed to see most of “Jingle All the Way” three or four times now. I’ll likely manage to watch “ELF” at some point. (“Is there sugar in syrup?”) And from there we’ll work our way through our other favorites. However, some of them I will likely be watching solo do to some folks experiencing seasonal burnout, something I don’t ever get because I totally love Christmas. My favorite Christmas movie is one that is likely shared by many, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I was saying, telling my husband, that “It’s a Wonderful Life” is to Christmas movies what “Stairway to Heaven” is to rock songs. Though I do rather like “A Christmas Story” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” too.

Linus’ monologue still gets me every time.

I’ve got a pecan pie to make for Christmas dessert, but all my other holiday baking is done. Now it is time to relax and enjoy the holiday, and these last few days of 2019. Perhaps even settle in for a “long winter’s nap,” because I am kind of tired after all the extra running around the last couple of months. I am still editing, but I’ve got that back on track. I’m using Grammarly for the first time to edit a newly completed manuscript and it’s taking longer than usual as I learn how it works, and doesn’t. Grammarly can be a bit overzealous but it has nonetheless proven extremely helpful. My least favorite part of this writing gig is proofreading. There’s always a nice lull between Christmas and New Year’s that I’m hoping to take full advantage of. I’ve listened to a lot of Christmas music this Christmas holiday season. Some years I don’t. But this year, I’ve really been enjoying it. I am somewhat partial to jazz versions of Christmas tunes. I’ve found that this year, Christmas music has improved my mood tremendously. It’s pretty hectic out there, and that’s a pretty big understatement. In a world that has seemingly gone quite mad, I’m always trying to find ways to keep my perspective and count my blessings whatever they are. I tend to get extra emo around the holidays, it’s important to find those cheerful things to focus on.

We used a Gingerbread mix for these and they didn’t taste amazing. But they were fun to make. The frosting was great.

I still haven’t gotten around to writing the post I intend to about collecting vinyl again but a while back I picked up a box set of Christmas albums that has some amazing versions of some classics on it. I’ve always loved this version of “Ring Christmas Bells.”

But, this is pretty amazing too…

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas!


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