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Rural America, It’s Where Your Produce Comes From

I watched some news while I had dinner. One of the pieces was about a Berkeley Professor who made some not too bright, classicist, intolerant, ignorant remarks on Twitter, giving us another fine example of the many ways in which higher education often fails. What this Harvard educated professor said, among other things, was this:

“I unironically embrace the bashing of rural Americans. They, as a group, are bad people who have made bad life decisions. Some, I assume, are good people. But this nostalgia for some pastoral imagined way of life is stupid and we should shame people who aren’t pro-city.” You may read more of this individual’s remarks here.

As mentioned in another post just today, I’ve spent most of my life in California’s San Joaquin Valley. This is rail-town country, and it is agriculture land and the heart of rural California. Let me tell you about the produce that is grown in so-called rural California, cotton, berries, nuts, citrus fruit, grapes, corn, apples, olives, tomatoes, artichokes, cruciferous vegetables, hay, alfalfa, lettuce, garlic, strawberries, apricots, watermelons, carrots, and on and on. In short, if you’re an American, Rural America is where your food comes from.

Small towns, rural America, is also where most of the best music in the country comes from, front porches, garage bands, and kids with big dreams. Well, heck, rural America is where dreams are born.

“Another boring romantic, that’s me.”

Here’s some pictures I took in just the last week of this rural land…

This is a vineyard on the edge of Modesto
This is what is called a “farm.”
We’ve got cows out in these rural areas too. Cows are where the beef comes from. Cows are where the milk and the cheese and the butter come from. Not to mention leather goods, etc. etc. etc.
This is farmland on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz
Farm in Santa Cruz
Artichokes, and some Cauliflower, Santa Cruz
Artichokes, Santa Cruz, California

Now I’m going to share some other pictures, of some condos under construction in Fremont, California, right next to the freeway. I took these pictures because I could not believe how close to the freeway they are, and I was wondering how high is the wall going to be between the road and these dwellings. The starting price for one of these units is $862,995, for less than 1200 square feet. (If I am not mistaken, and I may be, this is the link to the purchasing and sales information. Note that one of the selling points is listed as “easy access to open space”… like in a rural setting? Why would pro-city folk want that? Here’s an article about it from a few years ago that includes a rendering of just how close to the freeway it is.)ย  Let me tell you something, you can get a lot more for your money in a rural area, with an infinitely better view than looking out your window and seeing the freeway every day. But…


But, some people like living in urban environments, and some people like living in suburban and rural environments. I’ve had my own issues with living in the burbs a time or two myself, but the fact of the matter is that our rural areas and suburbs are the backbone of the country. Some people don’t have a choice, they live where they live. Though I’m going to guess that if you can afford a million-dollar home, you probably have some choices that most folks don’t have. My question remains, how does a person who is so blatantly ignorant, so obviously lacking in anything even remotely resembling common sense, become not only a teacher but a college professor? Until and unless our universities become embarrassed at harboring and perpetuating such ignorance, among their faculty, no less, it will only get worse. The person in question did retract his statement saying, โ€œIโ€™ll want to reflect on it more later, but my tone is way crasser and meaner than I like to think I am.โ€ Than he likes to think he is? The problem is that there are those who make remarks like that because they truly believe themselves to be intellectually superior, those who think themselves “woke” ( after all, this guy went to Harvard, a school most suburban and rural Americans probably couldn’t afford, and thank God, because they don’t seem to be teaching them much there)ย  when in fact, they are ignorant and often verge on a kind of intolerance and moral bankruptcy that is nothing less than stunning. Though most of them do seem to have enough self-awareness to only talk amongst themselves.

I miss the days of the open glorification, and rightly so, of the American farmer. Here’s a link to Farm Aid.

This has been what is called “an opinion piece.”


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“This land fed a nation, this land made me proud.”

God bless the farmers, and their “bad life decisions” to live in rural areas and keep at it.