The Coca Cola Communist

The Coca Cola drinking communist
thinks I look ridiculous.
He is wearing black high top sneakers,
that retail at one hundred and forty dollars.
He says they last longer,
than cheap canvas tennis shoes.
He is wearing a black hoodie, with a label on it,
from some designer,
he says he doesn’t care about that
he bought it because he only wears all black,
and that means his Levi’s too,
and his plain black t-shirt,
from J.Crew.
His wife spent two hundred and fifty,
on her last hair-do,
because that’s how much it costs,
because that’s what people do,
that doesn’t mean that they aren’t true,
to the communism they preach,
to me and you.
The Coca Cola drinking communist,
thinks I look ridiculous.
And I’m not too bothered,
by that.