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Not Quite Trivialities

I’ve been sick with a terrible cold for the last few days. Today I made myself get up, get dressed, get some things accomplished. I spent two days on the sofa or in bed, watching horrible television shows. I watched a bunch of crime shows until I began to get creeped out. Then I ended up watching an episode of the Kardashians, which I had to stop because I could see that becoming a thing. I was disappointed by the season openers of The Walking Dead and Supernatural. I think we’re pulling the plug on Supernatural, which I think has been one of the most entertaining shows ever but when they got too far away from the format that worked in the beginning, Sam and Dean on the road staying in bad motels fighting monsters, they were already losing me. Really, I’m ready to be done with the series The Walking Dead as well. I haven’t developed any feeling for any of the new characters, and I’m still pissed off about Carol and Ezekiel, and I feel like I don’t want to keep watching the show until Carol or Daryl dies. I want to remember them in their prime, and to me, the show feels like it’s lost momentum. I don’t give hoot one about “The Whisperers.” I had to stop watching Riverdale because it actually got too weird, and that’s fine because I didn’t know how I was going to keep watching it after the passing of Luke Perry anyway. My other shows are on hiatus. I didn’t feel like I could get into watching a movie or really follow a plot, it’s been a doozy of a cold, a real humdinger. I watched too much “news” and got myself all riled up about a bunch of things none of us can do much of anything about. I just, I don’t know what to say about so much of it anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow some type of armed military escort marched into Congress to either remove certain members or arrest them, but it could be on either side, which isn’t to say that would be right, only things are that screwed up. I’m not kidding. Then I think, cynically, it’s all just a dog and pony show for the massess. If the Constitution manages to survive, it will be a miracle. So, I’m praying for my country. I’m praying for California, because this state is in a crisis. I’m occasionally tempted to go get a bottle of good tequila and some fancy smokes to hide away to have on hand in case the fushizzle really hits the fan, but, eh, then what? How I know my sobriety has really taken root, I don’t even feel like I should have a bottle on hand in case there’s really a “revolution.”ย  There was another earthquake tonight in the Bay Area, there have been several in recent weeks, and one wonders, are they foreshocks? I managed to lose five pounds. (This happens whenever I don’t exercise for more than three days.) I realized that the dryer sheets I’ve been using for two years make me sneeze. And I just want the world to be generally, mostly, nice, and good. We live in the “too much information” age. I used to think that real, true love, was the rarest thing there is. Now, I think the rarest commodity known to humanity it common sense.

I haven’t been able to read more of the Lincoln brick, too tough to see the pages over the tissue stuffed up one side of my nose ( I know, I know, enough with the sexiness), but I have managed to get some editing done. With great effort, I sat here with a cup of tea and slogged through some corrections.

The cold medicine I pumped myself full of to get some stuff done today is finally wearing off. The average common cold lasts for seven to ten days, give or take, so I should be on the mend by the coming weekend.