The Road, for Jess

The Road
November 1, 1996

There’s another lady in your life,

Though she can never be your wife,

With shoulders soft and curving lines,

Oh, I know she has designs,

With her changing scenery,

Does she love you more than me?


I know she doesn’t treat you right,

Leaves you lonely in the night,

I know her breath’s a freezing wind,

Pushing you around the bend,

Keeping you awake until you’re numb,

And you wonder where you’re from.


Her gentle rattle, hum, and drone,

Calling you away from home,

Her darkest night still full of stars,

Leading you to truck stops next to bars,

Unforgiving in her blame,

She doesn’t even know your name.


Another lady who knows you,

Somehow the way I do,

Though some would label her a whore,

I know to you that she is more,

Always waiting patiently,

But does she love you more than me?


Teri Skultety



I wrote this poem for my husband, Jess, when we were first seeing one another, though we’d known one another for many years before. Jess read all my poems in those days, he read this one many times. Jess always believed in me and in my writing, always openly encouraged it and me. Jess was one of the few people I’ve ever felt comfortable discussing my work with, or showing a new poem. It is one of the reasons why I fell so head over heels in love with him. There was never any bullshit between Jess and me, I knew I could count on him to tell me the truth, and I think that’s what every person needs in a good partner, lover, friend, spouse. That can be a tough thing to find in this world. He used to drive long-haul, be gone all week, and it was tough to be away from one another. This one appears in the next book, Magdalene Aubergine. ~ TS