I’m continuing on with the final edits of the next book, having lost about a week to errands, appointments, life stuff. I’m fighting various pains, back, hip, neck, my bones. I’m tired. Getting older ain’t for wimps. Everything, vibe-wise, feels like its being pulled tight but only so it can slingshot or catapult forward. I’m feeling some things I can’t quite express just yet or if I could, I know it wouldn’t quite carry the tone I’d want it to. I’ve been trying to give it a word, to find the right word for my current emotion, but what I’m feeling about that is simply talked-out. I think I’m being selective about what I give energy to. The right words will come.

We’re getting close to the Autumnal Equinox, the first day of fall this year is September 23. This year it will mark three years sans alcohol for me. I think I’ll make it. It’s supposed to be ninety degrees today, Sunday, then drop down into the seventies on Monday, with a forty percent chance of rain. I wore bone colored shoes after Labor Day the other day, California Rules. Once it rains, everything changes in California, that’s really the beginning of Fall. Sometimes it doesn’t happen until November. If it rains this Monday, I think it might be cold outside by Halloween night. I think we’re going to have a cold winter, and I’m looking forward to it. Quite frankly, I’m ready for pajama weather, slippers, toasty beverages, and cardigans. I wouldn’t call it hibernation, close though.

It’s about time for the annual playing of Vivaldi.