Keep These Sacred Cows

Keep these
sacred cows,
for meat,
for milk,
for skins,
for leather jackets on a Saturday night,
for cowboy boots,
for moccasins,
for baby shoes,
and bucket seats.
Keep these sacred cows,
these holy hamburgers to be,
for mating with bulls,
so we can have,
the life-sustaining cows,
Not to mention
the great shrine to butter,
the great tallow rendered into
life-saving soap. Keep
these sacred cows,
for blessed cheese,
so all the fondue pots,
don’t end up in the landfill.
Keep these
miraculous beasts,
these cows.
Keep these
so our fried and baked
never have to ask
where the beef is.
Keep these sacred cows,
these life-giving cows,
as Mother Nature


Teri Skultety
Written on August 27, 2019

Photo credits: Cows on a Hillside Somewhere in the San Joaquin Valley, by Teri Skultety
Bacon Cheeseburger at a Local Diner, by Teri Skultety