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Dream Bigger

Do you ever let yourself daydream the most fantastical daydream you can possibly imagine for your life? Some people don’t daydream like that. Others will come up with a great “dream life” and then put the kibosh on their own daydream as being “unrealistic” or with the phrase, “it could never happen.”

Over the years I’ve had several ideas of my dream life. But, I do admit there was a period of time when I stopped daydreaming seemingly outlandish dreams in favor of seemingly more practical daydreams or plan-making, and that didn’t necessarily turn out as I would have wanted or hoped or planned either. So, I say, if you’re going to dream, dream big. Dream HUGE.

I’ll tell you some of my current ideas for the great big life of my best dreams. You may call this a fantasy if that suits you, or practice in visualizing goals, or daydreaming. I think it’s also important to say that having a rich fantasy life doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t happy with your life as it is. Perhaps you love and adore yourself exactly as you are right this moment, but, you’d still like to drop ten pounds. For me, the fact of the matter is, I dream better, and do everything better, I think, when I’m feeling pretty good about everything in general already. So here’s what I’ve been thinking…dreaming…

If I could live anywhere that I wanted to live, we, my husband and I, would live in Santa Cruz, California, or right in around that area of Monterrey Bay. In this dream of a life, we are financially wealthy, as in, never have to worry about money again wealthy. When we make charitable donations, the recipients are like, “Do you guys want a nice plaque? A cornerstone of the building? Anything?” And we’re like, “No. We’re good. You’re welcome. Tell no one.” We’re wealthy and we’re still young enough and physically able enough to really enjoy it, that is to say, we still have our health. We live in a beach house, or, a house on the beach, just up from the beach, it has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, a big kitchen, ocean views from every room across the back of the house including the room I’m using as my office. The house has hardwood floors, the kitchen and bathrooms are updated, it has a three-car garage and an expansive deck across the back of the house. I sit on this deck and have my morning cup of coffee or tea every morning, weather permitting, and enjoy many sunsets. We have an outdoor fire pit, marshmallow roasting area, built-in BBQ area, a hot tub, obviously, there’s an outdoor shower for washing off the sand. There is some area for planting flowers but really not a lot of yard to take care of. We have direct beach access from our house, either down some stairs or around down the path at the end of the street, close. We keep the cars we have, to begin with, because, I mean, they’re completely fine and we like our cars, we’re not pretentious, though my husband does get his dream car. We have many mountain bikes and beachcomber bikes, keep a couple extra ones ready for use for when people come to stay with us. Ideally, really, I’d like the house to have a studio above the garage, now that I think of it, with its own entrance and bathroom, for some guests, because when you have a beach house, you have all kinds of great friends too. But, if not that then perhaps a third bathroom off a second master suite, for guests. My son, who has a great job that he is thrilled with, and his friends visit, then he and his wife visit, then, eventually, they bring the kids and I get to teach my grandkids how to build sandcastles and they get to grow up going to grandma and grandpa’s house and the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. We also have a room somewhere in all that to tuck a small gym, a weight machine, into things. We’re within walking distance of a few neighborhood shops and restaurants, but not really in the center of any hub of activity. I’m still writing. My books are selling, people are reading them and enjoying them, and being super nice about it. I’ve sold the movie rights to “The Slick Furies” and got a good deal for a percentage of the merchandising. I’ve sold the movie rights to “Maybelline Raven and the Wolf.” Additionally, “Loralee” is being transformed into a made for Netflix mini-series, they’re bringing back the mini-series. I’m still publishing my own books, doing things my own way, and it is working out fantastically well, but perhaps I’ve landed a big book deal too. We ride our bicycles, enjoy the beach, enjoy the boardwalk, manage to get down there for the cool bands and movies on the beach, attend local area festivals and events. We learn all about the local culture, history, and art. We probably volunteer for some kind of local something or other at some point, giving back. We love living there. I’ve decorated the house with things we love and it is cozy and comfortable, laid-back and relaxed. It is a happy place to be. If we want to travel, we can and we do. We have a great dog, he loves the beach. I collect seashells and sea glass. I have a collection of great cardigans and cable knit fisherman sweaters. I live to be a hundred and one years old at our beach house, I’m the old poetess lady, riding around on a beachcomber bicycle at least into my nineties, taking pictures, and enjoying the wonderful view from my beach house. It’s a really good life.


There’s probably a few things that I’ve kept to myself as part of this dream life, but, you get the idea. Dream big. Dream huge. Is that dream life of living really well in Santa Cruz realistic? Who cares. It’s a dream. It doesn’t need to be realistic or practical or even seem possible, that isn’t the purpose of formulating the dream. When I was nineteen, I used to daydream about winning a Pulitzer Prize for poetry. I’ve gotten over all that pretty completely in the many years since, matured, learned some things, but the point was, and is, I let myself dream it. I think that letting yourself dream big, whether it’s practical or seems possible, or plausible, opens a person up to thinking about possibilities, to wonder. Dreaming bigger puts a person in touch with their heart’s desire. Dreaming bigger creates a focus on things that make a person happy. How many truly happy people to do you know? So, I’d say finding happiness is a pretty big accomplishment, not at all an unworthy pursuit. Five years ago, I wouldn’t have had this same dream. Five years ago, even though I’ve been to Santa Cruz many times, I still wasn’t ready to completely admit to myself how much I love it there, and I would have talked myself out of even fantasizing about it. And none of that is to say that I’m unhappy with my life as it is, quite the contrary, I’m really pretty happy most of the time lately. I like my life. I like where I live. It’s pretty great. My loved ones are doing well. I feel incredibly thankful. I realized that I’ve been accomplishing a lot of my own personal goals, things that I wanted and needed to do for myself and that helped me turn the corner on some things. I let myself go ahead and dream it, say it, if we could truly afford it, I’d live in Santa Cruz, that’s my dream place to live. But I’ll tell you, I know I’d miss the sound of the trains rolling through the valley at night.


The fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing was this summer, because someone dared to dream that big.





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