This isn’t what I was going to write about today. I was going to write about dreams, about thinking positive, being happy, and dreaming bigger. I’m going to save that post for another time. Perhaps tomorrow.

I logged on to my computer today and the first thing I saw was a headline about the shooting in El Paso, Texas. I don’t know what all I would want to say about that, especially right at this moment. But, I will say this, as TIME magazine has already published a story saying the shooting is being investigated as a “…Possible Hate Crime…”, I’m going to say that in general, the number one problem we have in this country today is that we are suffering from a stunning lack of common sense. “Possible Hate Crime”? You think? Where would one even begin to unpack everything that is wrong with “the system”? The other day I listened to commentary from Dr. Drew as he, correctly, tried to explain that the problem with homelessness is that all these big-city politicians and officials approach the homelessness problem as a “housing crisis” when in fact the homelessness problem is one that is largely the result of inadequate treatment, facilities, for those battling addiction(s) and mental illness. Saying that it’s simply a lack of affordable housing is really a dismissal of the actual issues at the root of the problem. So, a guy drove six hundred and fifty miles, killed twenty people, and before the day is out, TIME magazine comes up with the brilliant headline that it’s being investigated as a “possible” hate crime. I’ll say that these issues within our society aren’t being solved because, to begin with, the issues themselves aren’t being properly identified. And, in my opinion, every time something else happens, or some issue rises to the top of the news cycle, “everyone” immediately begins with the finger-pointing and the labeling and the name-calling, and the group-think, and the misdiagnosing of the problem, until the reality of it and whatever might really begin to help solve it, is completely obscured, as though such tragic occurrences were fodder for a food fight in a junior high cafeteria, or bloody scraps thrown on the floor in the midst of a starving mob, ready to pounce on anything, on everything, all of which solves precisely nothing.

I won’t comment further as everyone has an opinion and etc., except to say, it’s an incredibly sad day for our country any time something like this happens.

On the heels of this sad perpetration today, I reactivated my Twitter account. It occurred to me that had I not needed to log on to my computer today to work on a book cover that needed a re-do, I might not have known about the shooting in El Paso until who knows when. (Have you ever been to El Paso? I have.)ย  In this day and age, much as I loathe it, social media is the fastest way to get updates on breaking news/emergency situations. I haven’t missed Twitter. Twitter was a bad habit. What I saw on Twitter today caused me to miss it even less, the vibe hasn’t improved. But, it occurred to me, in an emergency, it might serve a purpose. So, I think I’ve got a handle on it well enough not to use it as I did before and just let it be there as needed. Me, and my ongoing wrangling about the use of social media.

Perhaps it’s my own ego talking, but I like to think I have the ability to learn from my mistakes and that I employ that ability. I like to think that I’m capable of personal growth, based on new information, learning, experiences, the idea that when one knows better one does better. I like to think that I’m learning every day, and making changes, improvements. Every day. Change your habits, change your life. I know I’ve said this before, but, I’ve no intention of limiting myself to the perceptions of others. Sometimes consistency is reliability, and sometimes consistency just means one is stuck in a rut. What I’m trying to say is, I’ve arrived, once again, at a place where I have my own ideas about what I’m doing creatively, and with my life, and about what I want to be doing. If those ideas that I have for myself don’t jibe with the perceptions of others, or the expectations that others have of me or for me, that isn’t my concern. This is, perhaps, a bit of the post I was going to write about thinking positive. Perhaps on a day when it would be seemingly easy to get bogged down in the muck of things, it is important to remember, to keep in one’s mind, the resolve to remain resilient and undaunted with regard to one’s dreams. Something terrible and tragic happened today. I’m going to let it add to my resolve to keep trying to be a better human and to never give up on my own dreams. I’m also going to continue to shop at WalMart. I might be slightly more aware of where the exits are, but I like WalMart. We can’t let the bad win. We must keep moving forward with our lives, with our dreams.