I’ve re-started a Tumblr page, and I’ve created a companion page to this page. The goal is, to keep what is good, to focus on the good things, to find ways to use the internet creating one’s own filters for content while also creating content. I couldn’t take anymore of the ugliness. I am a poetess, after all. I’ve cried at Hallmark greeting card commercials, let alone the plights of actual humans not trying to sell me something. I say that not in denial of the ugliness in the world not in aย  -put blinders on and pretend reality doesn’t exist- way, but in a way of, how do we even begin to change it? I admit I am watching the news again, not daily, but there are a lot of important changes and things going on in the world and at this juncture, I think, it’s important to stay informed while not allowing it to sink one’s soul. Trying to keep that intake of information in balance can be a challenge. If I feel it necessary, I’ll swear off it again, but for now, I feel like keeping an eye on things. It’s true that sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease, other times, that’s just more noise. Instead of the focus being on what isn’t good, what I/we don’t want, I think the conversation has to begin to change. Instead of complaining about what I don’t want to see, I’d rather set about creating what I do want to see. Here’s the introduction to that page, quoted, and a link:

“Iโ€™ve created this page to have a place specifically to share my interest in photography, accompanied by poetry, or a good quote, possibly some philosophy. Having sworn off all social media, I wanted a place where I could create the kind of content, the kind of page, that I would want to visit myself. I want that content to stay specific to a certain aesthetic. I have a main webpage for promoting books, rambling on, etc., and all are welcome to visit that arena if they so choose. As a writer, Iโ€™ve often heard it said, in one way or another, โ€œWrite the book you would want to read.โ€ I think thatโ€™s fairly sound advice, though my own experience writing is that it doesnโ€™t always work out that way, sometimes stories have a mind of their own about where theyโ€™re going. None the less, Iโ€™ve been thinking about that idea quite a lot. What do I want to see on the internet? What inspires me? What kind of pages do I like to visit?

Iโ€™ve created many webpages in the last however many years, with various layouts and themes. Sometimes Iโ€™ve wished Iโ€™d kept them all. Iโ€™ve understood that personally, I donโ€™t want to be bored but that the various themes were not sustainable as I was โ€œworld-buildingโ€ in a sense, and when I was finished creating the page, then Iโ€™d just want to go build another world. I decided to restart a Tumblr page because I do like the scrolling format so much, but also because Tumblr gives me a place where I can discover things new to me without the distractions of social media. It also give me the opportunity to easily share those discoveries, the words and images created by other writers, artists, seekers.

Give me great content, be that words or pictures or something amazing that is new to me that I can learn something new from, give me something cool or beautiful to look at it, inspire me. Give me a great quote that makes me wonder who the person was that said it. Make me want to read, or listen. Share a new perspective. Throw some philosophy on it. Give me poetry and imagery, and dreams.

So, Iโ€™m going to give this a go.

I hope you choose to follow along and enjoy it!”


I don’t know how often I will post. There will be reposts of some of my poems. There will be photographs, quotes, links, and occasionally likely some music. But, to keep the posts contained to that, so that you’ll only get these fantastic, long-winded, rambles here.

So we’ll see how it goes.