Making Changes, Driving the Car

I am off twitter once and for all and for good. (Only took how many tries?) They just changed their format anyway and, I wasn’t digging it. But, I’d already made my decision. I think the point at which something goes from being something useful and enjoyable, to being a distraction, for whatever reasons, it’s time to re-evaluate. I love the idea of the internet as a way for people to share their art, their creative work, to connect in those kinds of positive ways. I think that’s how it started out, social media, and that was great. But, I think we’re all pretty aware of what so much of being on the internet has deteriorated into. I like the idea of Goodreads because it is completely about an art form, books, as Instagram is about pictures. Also, many authors have their blog feeds linked to their Goodreads pages, so you can follow along there without the extraneous static of other social media. I like the idea of following the webpages of those writers/artists I want to keep up with, or those pages that contain content I find to be interesting, like BrainPickings, for example, or Ancient Origins, and removing myself from the fray of all the bleck on social media, from trolls, to sycophancy, to its opposite, to politicos, and so much emotional click bait, it’s just distraction from me maintaining focus on what I’m doing, or trying to do. So, enough of that and about that.

As soon as we got back from Tahoe, I cut my hair. You know what they say, change your hair, change your life. My hair had gotten really long. I think it was longer one other time, but it was way down the middle of my back. I fought with it all the time we were gone and decided it was time to get no nonsense about it. Haven’t taken what my ego considers to be a super-cute selfie of it yet so… plus I can already feel it growing again…

Driving the proverbial car, it’s time to get serious about taking care of my self. Last year I read this great interview of surfer Laird Hamilton. As soon as the cookies I just made are gone, I’m on the no sugar thing again. I think it’s really a pretty inspiring interview so I thought I’d share it. “Forget age. Just keep driving the car.”

I was going to set up a tumblr page again because I love the endless scrolling format of images and words, music, I think it’s wonderful for creating poetry walls that look completely dreamy and inspiring. But I realized how many times I’ve done that and if I do that, then I’ve got to feed and maintain that beast, which just ends up taking more time away from other things that are actually more productive. So, this webpage of mine is now the centralized…center…of my online world. If I’m going to share it, be it words, or photographs, music, etc., it’s going to be here now.

I spent the first two days after we got home gardening in one hundred degree heat because I’d put it off. Now, I guess it’s no small wonder that I’m feeling a bit tired. Hoping to get back to work on the next book this week but we’ll see. Time to get some sleep. Then, on with it!