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The Great Winnowing

The great winnowing has begun. My little foray into my five minutes of thinking I might sell-off some of the things I’ve collected over the last however many ( many) years has led to the great winnowing! In the last however many days, I’ve donated a trunk-load of stuff that was sitting around serving nothing and no one. I’ve completely cleared two book shelves, de-cluttered wall space, gotten rid of shoes and clothes I haven’t worn or wasn’t ever going to wear, and I’m just getting started. I’ve published two collections of stories this year, it’s time to really “get my house in order.”

I did something I never thought I would do, those old LIFE magazines I’ve been holding onto since I was nineteen years old, they are gone. Let me tell you, everyone has to do what works for them, and obviously I held onto whatever this long because I felt I needed to or I wanted to for whatever reasons, but this is streamlining my life. It is positively freeing!