Midnight at the Starlight Deluxe

This book is a collection of short stories, flash fiction, a few poems, variations on a theme. These are stories about relationships, some are character, or lack of character, portraits, others are cautionary, observational, personal. The Starlight Deluxe, a diner, is a feature in many of these tales. Previously published pieces include ‘With All the Romance’ and ‘I Am Gypsy’ were previously published at Thunderdome Writer’s Collective in 2012. ‘I Am Gypsy’ was specifically written in support of the release of the Darkana Tarot deck, created by Janden Hale ( aka Daniel Donche, or vice versa).Β  ‘Second Honeymoon’ was published at SYW Magazine, also in 2012. ‘Roll Me Away’ appears in another collection of my stories, “GRAIN.”

You may read these pieces here, on my webpage, as a sampling:

Roll Me Away
Stood Up
Lady Liberty at the Party

The poem “Ode to a Waitress” dates back to 1988. The stories “Straight on Until Morning”, “Side Dish”,Β  and “Princess Bryn and Nick G.” were written specifically for this book this year. Other included works fall everywhere in between on the timeline. I waited tables for a total of ten years, more than twenty years ago, and drew on that experience for the inspiration for this book. It is now available on Amazon. If you do me the honor of purchasing this book, it is my sincere hope that you enjoy these stories.

Teri Skultety