Quantum Leap: The Mona Lisa Question

a timeless Mona Lisa brooch

Big ideas. I’m having a Quantum Leap kind of day. Hypothesizing some things. Suspend your disbelief for a moment and imagine you can see the future. Decades ago, you held an object in your hand, a picture, and looked into the future. You said that what you saw was the Mona Lisa talking, no sound, just the picture talking. If they didn’t tell you that you were crazy, they might have told you that the Mona Lisa was in the past, that perhaps you didn’t have much of a sense of direction. What could you say? Only that you knew what you’d seen, even if you couldn’t understand or explain it. Until now…

All time exists now. A simple way to understand that theory is by use of a timeline, or by looking at a row of clocks.


When are you looking at all these time zones? You are looking at them now. All these time zones exist now.

Here’s one possibility of how “looking in the future” or the past, might work. All time exists now In the same way that we are able to remember the past, we are able to “remember” or see, the future. Within that future may be the possibility of other futures, as our vision is filtered through perception, perspective, chance, and whatever other factor we do not see for whatever reason. We may remember the future by following the path of those memories backwards or forward, connecting the “dots” on the timeline as we go. Theoretically in imagination and literature the problem for time travelers is how does one return “home”, as we leave the present we enter the future and it becomes the past. The quest becomes learning how, to be here now.

But that brings me to The Mona Lisa question:

If you looked into the future from a time when such things were not technologically possible, and saw the Mona Lisa, a thing of the past, talking, or animated, how would you know, or be able to accurately interpret, what you were seeing? Anymore than you would have known what to call the Space Shuttle if you’d looked ahead from the sixteenth century? I think that’s kind of interesting.

What about places that look like other places, or places that share names? I once wrote about an imaginary cafe, I called it The Cafe New Orleans, but there are plenty of restaurants and cafe’s that share some form of that name that are no where near New Orleans, Louisiana. There’s a Hotel Orleans in Old Sacramento. When I wrote it, I wasn’t imagining it, the cafe, in old New Orleans, but in something of a metropolis. But I digress, in terms of looking into the future, how would you know what you were seeing, even if you could do it?


Sometimes places have a way of looking like other places, and other times. Images of Old Sacramento, 2019.

In my vampire novel, The Slick Furies, I wrote this about clairvoyance, but I don’t know that it is a complete hypothesis.

What started this? I was looking at some costume jewelry that I recall from when I was a child, a brooch from the 1970’s with a picture of the Mona Lisa, (painted in 1503,) that I once held. Then, coincidentally, if you believe in that sort of thing, I saw that video of what can now be accomplished from one picture, with our modern technology, in 2019. I was also reading this article about Navy pilots who have encountered UFO’s. But what I thought was, what if they aren’t extraterrestrial, but are instead our own spacecraft breaking the time barrier, crossing a dimension, or are from the “future.” That would kind of go along with some of Einstein’s theories.

I think the big picture is so much bigger than most readily conceive of. I think science and magic are, at some point, indistinguishable. All matter is energy. The soul is eternal. I think we are only at the beginning of understanding the world, the universe. I also think the universe is a lot of things, but that random isn’t one of them.


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