Do You Have Monsters?

Do you have monsters?

Apparently I had a lot of monsters I didn’t even know I had. Some of them were political, some of them were religious, some were ideological, some were reflections, some were old fears, and, some were actual people. After a while, for a while, alcohol was one of my monsters. (Sober now for two years and eight months.) My monsters were getting in between me and me, so they had to go. It’s taken quite a while to get through it. Hopefully they’re gone for good, but, if they’re not, I’ll do my best to fight through whatever it is.

The last few days I’ve been sorting through some files, organizing. I’ve always tended to be a pretty organized person but this spate of organizational questing was spurred on by the Marie Kondo organizing craze. When I went from only writing poetry to writing fiction, at the same time everything in the world was becoming computerized, as in, not really using typewriters anymore and not writing every last thing longhand, things got pretty disorganized. I found several stories, and a stack of poems, I’d forgotten I’d written. It’s a good feeling when you read something you forgot you’d written and think to yourself, “That’s a good story.” One of the stories happens to be a good fit for the next book, so, that’s cool. I guess, I could say that all this disorganization and the chaotic filing system that emerged from it, was another monster.


I was going to get existential, but I think I’ll save it for another day, think about it some, make sure it isn’t another monster first. ( Insert smiley face here.) Skeletor memes have gotten me through some stuff.

On I go.