Mother’s Day, Blessed


My husband amassed enough rewards gift cards from work to come up with a couple of dozen roses for me! I’ll take ’em! And take a lot of pictures of them as they spend out the rest of their lives in lovely vases. I’ve been a mother myself for more than a couple of decades now. I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there taking care of their families.

Teri Skultety


October 28, 1994

I am blessed with each new morning,
The hope in a new dayโ€™s light.
Blessed if only with my knowing,
Iโ€™ve survived another night.

Blessed by my very breathing,
By the pounding in my chest,
By the freezing cold linoleum,
And the hurry to get dressed.

Thereโ€™s help in my favorite coffee cup,
Amen for Sesame Street.
Iโ€™m blessed. Iโ€™m blessed. Iโ€™m blessed.
With each new day I meet.

Itโ€™s eggs and toast for breakfast,
Then itโ€™s time to play,
A diaper change here, a bottle there,
A new word he learned to say,

There is joy in all his laughter,
Thatโ€™s locked in my soul to keep,
While peace is gently resting,
Watching over him while heโ€™s asleep.

How those eyes do fill with wonder,
Riding on butterfly wings,
There are no complicated questions,
He hasnโ€™t yet any meaning for things.

Iโ€™m blessed by a new beginning,
Of what a day for him might hold,
Blessed with each new morning,
By the sunlightโ€™s gleaming gold.

I am awestruck by the miracle,
That good things still exist,
That in all of our hurry,
There is something that weโ€™ve missed.

In my sonโ€™s face, I can see it,
All that each of us might be,
In his babbling brook of baby talk,
In his endless energy.

I am blessed with this new day dawning,
I am blessed with this new light,
Blessed if only with my knowing,
Iโ€™ll get to sleep again tonight.



A poem when I was still a new mom, a little bit about sleep deprivation, and so much joy..
Included in the collection
“Red Line Wine.”