Gold Mine, poem, Poetry


I couldn’t find a wall to push this through,
I couldn’t find a star to hang this on tonight.
If you were here I’d tell you everything
and waiting on the in between,
Oh, what I have seen,
Oh, what I have seen,
ethereal sidereal,
the making of this love,
holding the universe together forever,
I remember,
I remember,
in words that ramble out like ever shine,
ever thine,
what great distance to have traveled,
trick of the light speed,
this need,
and what I cannot unravel doesn’t matter now,
doesn’t matter how.
Equations are welcome to escape me,
what I know is more than every other thing before,
to feed the sweeter dreams,
from the eternal spring of everything.
of unsaid things,
where all the wishes went to rest,
surrendering the quest,
for something greater than the sum of its particles,
out from within,
time begins again. ~

~Teri Skultety
fromย  “Gold Mine”