The Holliday, and Other Stories

I’m working on “The Holliday”, even though I said I wouldn’t revisit it. I’ve realized I need to set pieces aside sometimes for longer than I normally would if there’s something about it that’s giving me fits, before I make a final decision. “The Holliday” is the western I wrote a few years ago, but it’s got vampires in it and a shape-shifter, some other stuff, so I wouldn’t say it’s strictly a western. It’s certainly horror. But, it’s also a love story. There are some things in this novella that I love, couldn’t let go of, so, I’m giving it another shot. Hopefully I can get it to where I want it to be, we’ll see. It needed work, needs work, but, I think it’s a good story.

“Midnight at The Starlight Deluxe” is cooling. I haven’t looked at that manuscript for a while. I’m going to add another story to it, one that already appears in the collection “GRAIN.” That story is “Roll Me Away”, because it just goes with this group of stories as well. Once I get a little farther along with “The Holliday”, I’ll get into the serious editing and correcting of “Midnight at The Starlight Deluxe.” It should be available before the year is out, I hope.

I’m working on another collection of poetry, possibly two collections, because there is always poetry. But, I really don’t know what any of that quite looks like yet as I’m in the organizing stages of it.

The other day I was making a correction to an already published book, when I noticed, realized, that a paperback copy of “Loralee” is seven dollars. I only have so much say in how low I can set a price for a book as certain publishing costs have to be met according to Amazon. “Loralee” is the novella I wrote on my webpage, one chapter at a time, in 2012. As it was originally free for the reading, I’d meant to restore it as such at some point and just, never got around to it. So, as I have time, I am going to restore the chapter posts of “Loralee” free for the reading, while also keeping the paperback available for anyone who would like to have a copy to keep.

If you’re following my webpage, you may have noticed I am restoring other posts from various webpages of mine. I could just import everything but then I’d have to spend hours editing and fixing broken links and it would look a mess in the meantime. Better, I think, to restore the posts I want to, fixing them as I go.

About writing, being a writer, perhaps about being a person, my opinion is that we’re supposed to grow and change, as we learn and experience new things, life. If a writer ever only wrote what they started out writing, we’d all be writing, “See Spot run. See Spot get the stick.” I think there are some writers who find the thing that they love to write and then that’s what they do, and that is fantastic, amazing, wonderful. But even in doing that, their skill set is likely improving, growing, with each story or book. And, I think there are those of us who like to write a lot of different kinds of things, or in different ways, and that’s me. I listen to a lot of different types of music, I watch a variety of movies, I don’t just read only one type of book. I want to write and create things that are interesting to me, and to be creative in doing that. So, it’s never going to be just one kind of thing here or from me. I think there are those who have some expectation of that from people, that as people, we’re always going to be the same as we were. I guess it is true that some folks don’t really change or grow. I think there’s the expectation from people sometimes that you are who you were when they knew you, or that you’re ever only going to do one kind of thing, the thing they want from you, or what they loved. But, imagine if Steven Spielberg had ever only made one kind of movie, think of all we’d have missed out on from him. I can’t go back to who I was before I had all the experiences that I’ve had up to now, it’s that “can’t unknow it” thing, and, I wouldn’t want to. I want to be here now, in my fifties, and enjoy this time. I fought hard to get here, and I thank God for it.

And, on I go.