Into the Hours After Midnight

The other day I made it a point to follow the posts, to really look at the posts, of a couple of people whom I know to hold political views that are at opposite ends of the spectrum. What I garnered from that is that everyone is living in their own world, their own reality, thinking that it is The world. Meaning that otherwise seemingly intelligent people seem to have lost the ability to even entertain for the sake of argument or perspective, any viewpoint other than their own. Existing seemingly without any expression of open-mindedness, humility, without consideration for the possibility of their own human fallibility, and from there, common decency looked, or has looked at times, a scarce commodity. Many an individual seems to have completely lost sight of the difference between opinion and fact, respect for the freedom of others to have their own, sometimes differing, opinions, and in that, some seem to have decided there’s no need to be a decent human if they don’t like what someone has to say about pretty much anything. To me, that’s an indicator of a lack of self-respect, a lack of actual intellect, and perhaps a lack of courage or confidence in one’s own beliefs and opinions. Everyone is living in their own reality thinking that the world is as they see it. The ability to be objective was once held in high regard by thinking individuals, the ability to consider, not necessarily to embrace them, but to consider, other perspectives, has helped in the resolution of many a conflict. One must reserve the right to change one’s mind. All that said, I’m out, I’ve no interest in any further such discussions. I can, and do, think for myself. I’m looking at things from a new perspective of my own, and I’m not digging what I see going on lately.ย  Beyond politics, I don’t care for bullshit in general, nor do I particularly appreciate those who choose to engage in it. When people choose not to deal straight with you, they’re telling you that they don’t respect you. But they’re also saying something about how they feel about themselves, and that they’d rather stay engaged in a waste of time with you, or in wasting your time, my time, than nothing at all. Noting here that there are many such souls who do such things as a result of a glaring lack of emotional maturity, because it’s all they know how to do. That isn’t an excuse. Either way, it also isn’t a compliment they’re paying you, me, by engaging in such. (But, we live in a world where there are those who pride themselves on being trolls. What can even be said about such.)ย  At the end of the day, to each their own. But I’ve got no use for it. Just a couple of observations. Going forward, I prefer to spend the depth of my time on things that please me.

Also, something of a side note: I’m feeling considerably better the last few days. It hasn’t rained quite as much and the fresh air and sunshine has done wonders for my mood! So yea for that!

I’ve finished the first draft of “Midnight at The Starlight Deluxe.” I’m not sure what I think about it, or how I feel about it. It is a thin volume. I don’t know when it will be ready for release. I kept thinking I needed to add more pieces to it, but then it kind of rounded itself out and I realized, it is complete. As for the next book… only time will tell.