Stood Up


I spent all of twenty minutes,

Deciding what to wear,

Maybe half an hour,

Doing something with this hair,

Then rushed through, soggy, rain-slicked streets,

Fog hanging in the air,

Only to find our table empty,

You were never there.


I waited until they closed the place,

Though I knew it was in vain.

I wandered around our favorite spots,

Feeling less than sane,

I don’t know how I made it home that night,

My head pounding with the pain.


I stayed in bed all day on Monday,

And most of Tuesday too,

On Wednesday, I got hungry,

food reminded me of you,

Thursday, Friday, Saturday,

A week completely blue.

I’d known the minute that I got there,

The way you sometimes know,

I watched the couples dine around me,

Watched the candles burn too low,

I could wait there for eternity,

You would never show.



From Red Line Wine