I’ll draw a picture of my life,
Colors running outside the lines,
Bright sun blazing through the downpour,
The silver lining leaking out,
Running wild through the streets,
The song of the wind the only refrain,
The sound of your name.
The sound of your name.

I’ll tell you how I hope I look,
Dressed in watercolors, bathed in star-shine,
Wrapped in satin, draped in lace,
Your eyes will be my mirror,
My reflection on your face,
I’ll build a nest here on the floor,
Steal the pillows from the bed,
every word
You said.
I’ll paint the sweetest dream,
let you swim around inside my head.

I’ll love you until my body breaks,
Until my heart can hold no more,
Overflowing into your arms,
The sound of your voice casting a spell,
Happy memories to keep,
I’ll tell and tell and tell,
Stories of how we fell,
In love.



From Gold Mine.