Ballroom Blitz, Keep Calm

Photo of a woman drinking tea after a bombing raid in London during the Blitz (no copyright infringement intended.) Link.Β 

Yesterday, (when I started writing this),I purposely, and purposefully, sequestered myself from all “news” related items until the early evening. While tending to a few chores, I decided to turn on the television. About twenty minutes into a news program, doesn’t matter what program or on what channel/network, it really doesn’t, a story caught my attention. As I listened, I noticed that my mood began to change in an unpleasant way. I took a step back and determined to “listen with new ears.” I then decided to turn the television off. There is precisely nothing funny about all the bullshit going on in the world at the moment, regardless of which “side” you’re on. The fact that things are so divided among those with opinions is, in and of itself, deeply troubling. I’m not being specific news wise because I’d just as soon not get myself started. There’s some stuff I am angry about, but what good does that do? It’s had me looking up a lot of history and statistics, further educating myself about some things. I’ve been more vocal about some of it because I’ve understood that some are very serious about ideas of socialism and communism, because they really do think those are good ideas. Under either of those types of government, it is unlikely that any publishing writer would be able to continue on as they have, as freedom of speech would be non-existent. There are already those who are trying to control what we say and how we say it, not from a standpoint of what is or isn’t proper English, or correct usage, but from a standpoint of opinion. “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use them.” Philip K. Dick. When there are those trying to convince people en masse of things that are patently untrue, and huge numbers of people are willing to believe it, or go along with it, that has the potential to become dangerous. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire. The other day, when it was snowing in Hawaii, I’d about hit my limit with it but, I managed to laugh, because it is ridiculous, the level of ignorance and stupidity is laughable and would actually be funny if it weren’t so completely sad that some of those perpetrating it actually are serious, (others perpetrating such know they’re just bartering for votes and taking advantage of the naive), and if it didn’t carry with it so much potential for disaster, it would be hilarious, so it was laugh or cry. In that moment, I laughed. In the last week, I felt my mind actually boggle at the level of ignorance that is loose on the interwebs, in the world. I think what I think and believe what I believe, I haven’t minced words about it. The news program I was watching/listening to, well, I’ve pulled the plug on it, and all other such, for a while, again. I realized I’ve had it with the pot stirring. I kept trying to figure it out because watching the news didn’t used to have the same effect on me, or on most people I would guess, and I realized, it’s the constant barrage of pot stirring from one source or another. Reporting the news shouldn’t include stirring the pot. Phony news, fake, completely disingenuous, people, I’m sick of the word “fake.” I’ve completely had it with the bullshit. I don’t know what else to say about it, or what I want to, if anything at all. It’s left me feeling not a little pissed. I think, I might even call it resolutely, stoically, angry, yet, determined to carry ever on.

So… I got this great cup…

But, as luck would have it, the bottom of the cup wasn’t sealed or glazed, or something, properly, and the color coating disintegrated. So now, it’s a pen holder. ( I could have returned it but this is a novelty item, another like it probably wouldn’t have fared much better, and I love the cup. It’s a fine pen holder.)It made me laugh, just sitting there, all flowery, with flowery language.

I realized, what I’ve wanted lately is to be thinking about something else other than all this stressful current event shite. So, I went to the record store, with my husband. Because what is the point of all this freedom if you’re too stressed out to enjoy any of it?

Also snagged a Montrose album, some Count Basie, a couple of other things. Collecting vinyl albums again. When I think about the number of records, LP’s, that I’ve had in my possession at one time or another, and gotten rid of or given away, I could kick myself. Not so much about the ones I’ve given away, that’s fine, but I’ve donated stacks of albums. Well, so it goes. The thing is, my musical tastes have changed over the years. When I was in my twenties I wouldn’t have bought a Janis Joplin album, or that Jefferson Starship. So that’s kind of interesting to me. It’s fun collecting new albums.




So, I’ll be busy continuing to re-set my brain, focusing on other things, things that make me happy. Hey, you know, if the world is coming to an end in twelve years, might as well. (I’m so glad we made it through Y2K and the end of the Mayan Calendar, I feel totally prepared.) I am determined to be stoically frivolous for a while.