It’s Snowing, in Hawaii

Sometimes, when I’m getting too serious, or I’m getting too bogged down over serious issues, I’ll just let myself run with it until something makes me laugh. This morning’s news cycle provided a treasure trove of ridiculousness. What sent me over the top was this news story about how California is finally pulling the plug on the 77 Billion dollar “Bullet Train”, but, eh, well, they’ll probably complete the Merced to Bakersfield section, and no one should call that a “train to nowhere” because that would be offensive, while the article also contained the phrase “Let’s Be Real.” (Keeping in mind that the Amtrak train already went to, or goes to, a lot of these places the “Bullet Train” was supposed to go to.) I started laughing, and I’m still laughing at it. Link. Then there’s this story where Bloomingdales was selling these t-shirts that said “Fake News” on them, because capitalism! yeah! and the NY Times had a cow about it, said it was offensive to hardworking journalists. (Don’t get me started.) So, Bloomingdales effing apologized and said they’d be pulling the shirts. But you can still get one here. Also, here’s a list, from the U.S. Department of Energy, of things made from or with fossil fuels. Then some politician said he doesn’t think that humans continuing to eat meat is sustainable for the planet. ( Let my burger go!) Oh, and it’s snowing in Hawaii. I could go on and on. ( Don’t be wearing offensive t-shirts, and while you’re at it, stay away from that bad rock music! Remember this? ) At some point, all the nonsense has to come to stop. As history has proven, there will then likely be other nonsense, but I think we’re reaching a bit of a critical mass with some of this stuff and people have had it with the bullshit. I know I have.

I was feeling kind of glum, in general, but I think I’ve managed to snap out of it. Working on the next book, is good for my brain. I’ve created a poetry archive page, and a story archive (I’ll be adding to that) for some free reading. There’s a lot of stuff out there in the polito-sphere to be concerned about, or even upset about, have to take some of it seriously. But, some of it, I just cannot do anything other than laugh. I think I need one of those “Fake News” t-shirts, a fashion statement on this era of propaganda/disinformation, and a win for capitalism. This is the world we live in. I don’t love everything about the internet, social media, etc., but there are some great things about it too. I don’t know that I’ll ever go full circle to embracing it all, but I am trying to adapt, in a thoughtful way. (I’m still laughing about them pulling the plug on that train, like, what the hell were they thinking anyway, and oh, don’t worry about how much it cost…) On we go. On I go. Here I am.