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Covenants of Lingering Bones, Release Day.

Masquerading in the steady winds of the Autumn night, Bonnie is sure she’s seen a monster. Alice Monaghan has been entrusted with a secret, the viridescent mist is keeping one too. Something lurks in the grass, by the light of the Scorpio Moon, while Pauline walks the cemetery, row after row, each day. Sandy Jefferson has seen a UFO, but she can’t find her husband. Lon was unfaithful, again. McCall wants to save his friend from a myth. Kathy and Jeff want to run away. Sasha is upstairs asleep. Sevilla is tired of being at home with Arlene. Jilly remembers a day at the beach.
Twelve tales of the macabre. One haunting poem.
Covenants of Lingering Bones.

Now Available on Amazon.

Table of Contents
With All Fine Corpses
Rule of a Lady
Room 3327
The Viridescent Mist
Scorpio Moon
Paulineโ€™s Grave
Our Lady of San Juan
Perfectly Balanced
In My Heart You Dwell
At the First Opportunity
Paris Green
The Last Time We Visited Aldera Dune

About this book…
The new and never before published stories in this volume are, “Pauline’s Grave”, “Paris Green”, “In My Heart You Dwell”, “At the First Opportunity”, and “The Last Time We Visited Aldera Dune.” The story “In My Heart You Dwell” was originally contracted and scheduled to be included in a horror anthology several years ago, the book never came to fruition. “Paris Green” spent a little time on a short-list for another horror anthology but, ultimately, wasn’t chosen, the story not quite making the cut (the book had some known names in the genre so it was tough competition). The timing of that coincided with the time period during which I was deciding to go my own way with publishing. “Paris Green” was the last story I submitted for commercial publication, not quite three years ago. ( I’ve since had a poem published with The Society of Classical Poets, but otherwise have not submitted any work commercially.) “Pauline’s Grave”, and “The Last Time We Visited Aldera Dune”, were both written specifically for this book, this collection of stories. Several of the stories were previously published online with Phantasmagorium, ThunderDome Press, and Solarcide, respectively. I considered publishing “Paris Green”, a good, classic, haunted house story, on its own as a novelette. I think it is such a good story and I wanted to see it published. I felt the same way about it as I did when I finished writing “Maybelline Raven and The Wolf”. I thought, “This is a good story, as good as any that are out there being published.” I was glad to have had it short-listed, at least. I decided, instead of publishing it on its own as a novelette,ย  to build a group of stories around theme of being haunted in one way or another, by one thing or another. I had these other stories that I also wanted to see in book form. I’m glad I did things this way as I’d have never written the new stories to go along with it, and I really wanted to see “In My Heart You Dwell” find a home too.

I think it is a good collection of stories. I hope people enjoy reading them.
Now, well I’m on to the next book, Midnight at the Starlight Deluxe!