The Sky Isn’t Falling. God Bless America, and Hamburgers.



So, yeah, a… don’t know where to begin. I haven’t read the “Green New Deal” in its entirety, but what I have read of it is, on the surface of it, is terrifyingly ridiculous, and that is the point of it.
The “Green New Deal” calls for the retro-fitting or tearing down of EVERY building in America. Does your town, or city, have a historic downtown? Old buildings? Do you like old houses? If they decided your apartment building can’t be retro fitted and therefore needs to be torn down, where does everyone who lives there, go to live? What if you can’t afford to buy a house but you’ve somehow lucked onto owning a piece of land and over the many, many years, you manage to build yourself a decent house out of scrap lumber and salvage? (People do that and some of them build amazing homes.) Our house is over forty years old, we were able to get new windows last year. A lot of the houses around here still have the old aluminum frame windows, because there’s nothing wrong with them functionally, and that’s what people can afford. Do you have a swimming pool? Because if they don’t want people to flush the toilet ( to save water), I’m guessing they probably wouldn’t allow people to have individual swimming pools, if they allow swimming pools at all.
What happens without cars?

Can you just run to the store when you’re out of milk? ( That’s if there are still methane gas emitting farting cows still around from which to get milk.) Is your doctor’s office across the street or across town? In another town? Can you take a vacation? Can you load everything into your car and drive across country to go live near your family, if you have to take the super train what do you do with your stuff? What if there’s no work where you are and you need to move your family for a job? What happens to entire neighborhoods if people don’t have cars to deliver pizzas? There will be no pizza. Pizza places would be over. Most restaurants use gas powered stoves, they cook hotter, faster, cheaper, more consistently. Hamburger joints would be over. The American way of life as we know it, in every aspect, would be over. What happens to all those businesses? No more cars. No more airplanes. That big trip to Hawaii you’ve planned all your life… forget it. Did you know that every (most?) store that carries refrigerated items has a back up generator for if the electricity goes out? What will hospitals do for back-up power? No gas generators. No more shopping or antique collecting or even window shopping because there won’t be any shops. What if you’re planning on buying a piece of land, putting a cabin on it someday for you and your kin to live in? Nope, not going to happen under this plan, unless you could also afford to build it to meet whatever arbitrary energy standards they set.ย  I live in a town with a huge, massive, car culture, perhaps you’ve heard of “American Graffiti”? The Green New Deal would end that. Perhaps you like motorcycles, got yourself a great big Harley. Nope, that goes too. And with those things all the jobs as businesses close because people no longer have personal, recreational, transportation. Gas stations, restaurants, etc. etc. etc. Really, it would be about the complete annihilation of the American way of life.

Graffiti Weekend, Modesto, Ca, photo credit, this author
American Graffiti, photo credit, this author

What would happen to all the waste and debris generated by the retro fitting or tearing down of all these buildings? From the cars and airplanes and ships, and motorcycles, and motorhomes, and all else that will no longer be viable? Propane tanks, BBQ grills, back up generators in stores and hospitals, torches used for welding and fabricating, gas powered clothes dryers, heating systems in homes, on and on and on. That right there should be a HUGE red flag to anyone with a brain. They claim to care about the environment, about Global Warming, but they want to do all this apparently without ever considering all the waste, refuse, garbage, the plan itself would create. That’s because it isn’t about the environment, it is about controlling more and more of the lives of every day Americans.

Items made using natural gas. Link.
and Link.
And I’m sure if you keep looking things up you’ll find plenty of other items.

All scientists should be skeptics. When it comes to “science” these days, it kind of depends on who you ask, and that isn’t how “science” is supposed to work.

I’ve found it to be kind of sad, those buying into the narrative that we’d all just get to have electric cars. What do you think they’ll do, give those out for free? Will you be able to take your current car to just trade it in, straight trade? Not only are the ideas themselves unrealistic, but people’s ideas about these ideas are unrealistic as well. Should the government have a monopoly control on all of our energy sources? (Or the healthcare industry?) In North Korea, only those in government are allowed to have their lights on at night. North Korea is completely dark at night. What will all those charging stations do to the power grid, the solar and wind power only power grid? Do you like your computer? Your coffee pot? Your microwave oven? Because those might be deemed non-essential items. Right now, we have a country dependent on fossil fuels. We also have a country that is capable of self-sufficiency. This plan, this Green New Deal, it isn’t even socialism, it is communism, and it is based on a complete lie, on frightening people into believing that the government can control the climate enough, through whatever means of controlling the daily lives of Americans, to stave off the supposed alleged impending “end of the world”, while ushering in sweeping social reform that gives the government control of massive amounts of what would otherwise be private sector capital, money. With no mention whatsoever of the fact that the U.S.A. isn’t the only so-called industrialized nation in the world, in the “Global”, in other words, the U.S.A. going green doesn’t mean that any other country would have to, at all, ever. Socialism and Communism, fail. These are old ideas, tried out many times in many other countries that ended up with their people starving, really.

From what I’ve read of it, seen of it, the Green New Deal would turn the U.S.A. into a third world country.
That is no joke, it would.

But what the Green New Deal really is, is what the Washington Examiner has described as a “Red Trojan Horse.” The truth is, it really has nothing at all to do with the environment. What it has to do with is government control, the government would seize control of all the energy sources in the U.S. What it really has to do with is, Communism. They’re trying to frighten people into willingly giving up freedoms by telling them over and over again that “THE SKY IS FALLING. AND IF YOU DON’T DO THIS, THE WORLD WILL END IN TWELVE YEARS!” That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well, how dare you be a “climate change denier” and not do what is best for the planet! (Because they’ve got to get you with something that’s more important than your rights, even if they have to invent some grand bullshit to do it.)

This is true.

It’s insulting to the intelligence of the American people, but, they’re going to completely legalize pot, at least at first, so everyone will be too stoned and stupid to care. My hope is that people will wake up, stop buying into this nonsense, and that they will encourage others to realize what is really going on too. The sky isn’t falling. It sounds ridiculous, but there are politicians out there today who are actively backing and supporting the Green New Deal plan right this very minute, who are campaigning on it right now and trying to convince the American people it’s necessary, who are counting on the American people being that uninformed, gullible, and just plain dumb. They want to scare Americans into giving up our freedoms, so they can stay in power, so they can have control, because that’s how frightened they are of not having it. I’m stunned that anyone at all is willing to go along with such. I’m stunned that people seem willing to surrender their ability to be logical and to reason, to this nonsense. People are often dazzled by appearances, by charm, by wanting to sit at the same table as the Homecoming Queen and they are often blind to their own such desires, going along with a plan like the Green New Deal and not calling it what it is because you want to go along with whoever is popular or whatever it is, is tantamount to willful insanity. That kind of ignorance, that level of ignorance, needs to be educated. The fact that anyone is giving it any credence at all is evidence of a problem far greater than any possibility of Global Warming. America is about individual freedom.


Do you like hamburgers? Good, old, fashioned, American hamburgers, made from farting cows, ( methane gas is bad for Global Warming) cooked on the grill? I love a good hamburger, and french fries.
Think about that. No cows, no burgers.

source, internet, free-use, stock photo image

Now, while I haven’t always been on board with everything our current president has done or the way he’s done it, and I’ve said as much, I thought the State of the Union address was really good. Quite honestly, it made me feel better about a lot of things. As an American, that is what I want. I want to feel better about things, in general, and specifically, this country. I want to feel and believe and know that our country is secure. I want to know that our country isn’t being run by people who put their own radical interests before that of the people. I want to know that the country is being run by people who LOVE America, who are smart enough to understand and love our constitution. As an American, as a human being,ย I am completely tired of the constant infighting, investigations, and the divide and conquer tactics of Identity Politics. The Democratic response sounded to me like fear mongering and yet another appeal to feeding the beast that is Identity Politics, pandering to special interests, continuing to use divide and conquer tactics. I will also tell you that I think it’s truly amazing that there are more women serving in congress than ever before. Like I’ve said, I was a child of the 70’s. In grade school, I wrote a report about Shirley Chisholm, who was the first African-American woman elected to Congress, among other things. I believed in, still do, all those great things like equal pay for equal work, etc.ย  ( School House Rock.) So, I think it’s great there are so many women serving in congress. But I watched them, the women wearing white, I watched them sit there and sit on their hands and not clap for some really great things. I watched them not condemn infanticide, I watched them really only clap for and congratulate themselves. To me, not only do they not represent me, but they don’t represent America. I think, we need to stop electing people who actively and openly hate this country, regardless of whatever political party they belong to.

The United States isn’t perfect, but I love it here. I love our cars, hamburgers, coffee shops. I love all the stores we have, the variety, the choices, even when all I can do is window shop. I love looking at luxury items and daydreaming, million dollar homes. I love going into a store at Christmas time and seeing all the great stuff. I love novelty items and toys and ridiculous bobble heads. I love all the things that people collect, rooms dedicated to Betty Boop collections and Elvis Plates, and Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. I love classic cars, historic districts, beautiful old houses. I love nail polish and scented candles. I love movie theaters and swimming pools, and fancy stores and junk stores and Halloween stores and Coca Cola and looking at stuff on the internet that I could never afford. I love novelty t-shirts, and rock band t-shirts, and rock bands on tour in great massive buses that run on fossil fuels. I love that it all exists, and it is our Capitalist system that makes that possible. The Green New Deal would end all that. What can I do? I can choose not to vote for people who support idiotic ideas, who do not live up to their sworn oath to defend the Constitution and the Rights and Freedoms of American citizens, and I can have faith that there are enough people who are smarter than the zombies buying into the nonsense.
But, you are free to believe whatever you want to believe.

God Bless America, and hamburgers.



( Keep in mind that in California we’re SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS into the building of a so-called “Supertrain” that is no where near on schedule or being finished and people are living in the streets in every large city and town, because…that’s what more bureaucracy does.)

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