I have a few legitimate, common sense, questions about the proposed “Green New Deal” being fronted by some politicians.
As I understand it, the “Green New Deal” would call for the elimination of the use of all fossil fuels within ten years.
That’s your car.
My husband drives a truck for a living, delivering groceries.Most big trucks run on diesel.
Ever watch those home improvement shows, or the one’s where people are looking for new homes? What do they all say when they get to the kitchen? “Oh, I’d rather have a gas stove. I’m a big time cook and gas stoves are so much better.” ( You can also still cook on a gas stove if the electricity goes out.) What about homes, in areas where temperatures drop below freezing, that rely on fossil fuels for heat?
Who pays for all the new, electric cars for everyone?
What do people who own regular gas powered cars, do with their cars? Can’t sell them since they won’t be allowed, what about all those losses to consumers?
What about all the auto-manufacturing jobs that will be lost?
What about serious car towns and collectors of classic cars?
Where will all the old cars go?
What will they do with all the old stoves and heaters?

What about all that pollution?
As previously stated, I don’t believe Global Warming is a threat to the existence of humanity. Do I think the planet heats up and cools down however it does regardless of what we, as humans, do? Yes. Greenland used to be green, after all, and there were no cars back then. Pollution, however, by that I mean our waste, garbage, is an actual serious issue. So, What happens to all those old cars and stoves, and BBQ grills, and camp stoves, and gas-powered generators kept for emergencies, and zombie apocalypse preparation, and propane tanks in rural areas, and all the other stuff that uses some type of fossil fuel?
And how much more waste, refuse, garbage, would be created in the building of a new fleet of electric cars? And is it true that the government would then decide who gets to have an “essential” car?

What about the cost for the average American who would have to switch not only their vehicle, but their home, to so-called “green” energy?

What about this Medicare for all idea? Who is going to pay for it? What happens to the jobs of all the people who work in the medical insurance industry in some capacity? (Including human resource people and insurance coordinators for corporations, not even the insurance companies themselves. Wouldn’t that wipe out completely certain departments and personnel at every major company in the country? What do those people do for a job after that?) Michael Bloomberg says the “government” (read tax payer funded) health insurance for all will bankrupt the country. I once had state funded health insurance, many, many, years ago. I had to wait three months to see an endocrinologist for a potentially life threatening condition. I was then told that, “You weren’t sick enough at the time to be a priority. If it had progressed, you could have gone to the hospital.” How would I know if it had, I couldn’t get in to see a doctor. That was more than twenty years ago, when I was “young.” They were prioritizing patients based on…what? Not first come, first serve, but on some criteria of what? Severity of illness? As determined by whom? Age? What if someone decides you’re too old, treatment would be a waste of money even if it would cure you, and puts you on the bottom of the list to be seen by a doctor? What if someone decides you’re young, you look like you could fight through whatever it is, so, you get to wait too? Or, “You don’t LOOK sick to me” ? Is the government supposed to be in charge of all these private sector industries?

Just asking. Wondering.


Re: News watching/reading… I’ll check however many sources. Compare and contrast. Look it up for myself. Etc.