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Cover Design

The proofs for the new book arrived. The cover isn’t quite as it should be. It should look like this, front and back …

but it looked like this…

Suffice it to say that the cover creator Kindle Direct has set up isn’t exactly all that and a bag of chips. Not too sure what happened there and as I read up on it, I discovered there are many who don’t care for KDP’s cover creator. Luckily, I remembered that I know how to make a one piece cover and upload it ready to go. I’d prefer not to have to make covers that way, it can get overly technical, but, one must sometimes be able to adapt. (CreateSpace was so much easier and worked like a dream comparatively.) Hopefully, I did it all correctly and the new cover will look as I want it to. Here’s a link to a tutorial as well, for anyone who might find it to be of use. Link. The interiors came out good, as expected.

I’d say about two weeks for the release, providing the new cover design worked. In the process of that, I went ahead and made the cover for the next book. But, one thing at a time. It’s a lot of work, doing all this. As previously established, it isn’t ditch digging, but it’s a lot of work. On I go!