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Beyond the Vanity

The next book, the new book, Covenants of Lingering Bones, will be available soon. After much rigmarole, going so far as to set up the book on another publishing platform, to really check it out, I’ve decided to stick with Amazon/KDP publishing. It got down to some things in the fine print, publishing costs, and other such matters. I thought, well, I’ve never really had a problem ( not at all) with Amazon publishing, all my “stuff” is there and, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (Remember “New Coke”?) I will say that I liked the cover creator in place on CreateSpace a lot better than what KDP has set up right now, but otherwise the process was essentially as it was on CreateSpace. I won’t be publishing anymore of my books as Kindle books, that is as e-books, at least not anytime soon. Paperbacks only for now. I’m awaiting my proofs. I’m also ready to get into the next book.

Beyond the vanity of my own opinions… I was doing some reading last night, thinking about the current state of the states and the state of the world, about how upsetting it all is, or seems, or can be. I was thinking how there’s always a bigger picture than any of us can see from wherever our little bit of perspective is rooted. There’s a bigger picture beyond the vanity of my own opinions, whatever those opinions are, a bigger picture that is, as they say, considerably above my pay grade. So, that’s where I’m at, quite seriously, with my thinking and soul-searching, etc., on various subjects. I’m going to have faith, hope for the best, enjoy every good thing as best I can and, manage my own concerns, water my own lawn, sweep my own porch, mind my own biscuits, and so on. There are always things that none of us really knows, and can’t do much of anything about, or couldn’t even if we knew “everything” there is to know about anything, or everything.

I’m here to write poetry, write stories, create my art, listen to great music, etc., etc., etc.