Ahead of the Curve

Here’s an article/interview in GQ about why we’ll look at our smart phones like cigarettes and tech backlash is about to go mainstream. Link. Just a few days ago, I made that comparison myself, saying that twitter had become my new cigarette. It’s been said that I’m “old fashioned”, or even “out of touch”, on occasion. However, anyone really paying attention with a couple of smarts of their own might have noticed that I’m often ahead of the curve, sometimes… occasionally…now and then. Some may have noticed that many previous posts are no longer published, visible. Some are gone for good, some, I’m thinking about. I also stripped down my webpage, in general, and in keeping with the theme, there’s a lot I’m not saying about that, among other things. “Digital Minimalism” will become the new trend, hopefully leading to an overall more thoughtful and responsible use of these technologies, if for no other reason than it will become cool to have something better to do. “Gah! What? You think I live my life on social media? Like, I am so sure I like, totally don’t.”

Anyhoo, I’m super deep in thought, and doing stuff I’ve needed to get done for a long time. Thinking that perhaps being somewhat “old fashioned” just might come back into style, among other things. Best get back to it, so I can get back to work on getting the book out the door.


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