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I’ll tell you what optimism is, in a world where a fake issue of a real newspaper was distributed by activists, and went viral, and where the media got it wrong again, because they didn’t check the facts, or get the complete story, before they ran with it, I realized I’d renewed subscriptions to a couple of magazines, for longer than a year each! Yeah. I’m an optimist! So, now, I believe everybody’s going to get it together and start behaving like intelligent, reasonable, logical, humans, again, as individuals, and towards one another! Just remember, skin is only the casing we’re wearing, and the soul is colorless, that’s a human being there. And you’re a human being too. It’s super important in this technological age (of disinformation?), not to lose touch with our humanity, and decency. I spent twelve bucks on my faith in humanity, at least over the course of the next twenty-four months!

Here’s where I’m not going to bore you with my theories about things actually being so good in America ( and no, not for everyone, we’re talking in generalizations) that there’s a lot of manufactured stress out there. I think it’s why people bait one another. The want to interact in that way, arguing, is filling some other void. Imagine if all had something better to do. Bitching can take up a lot of time, really, it’s true, I’ve been there. ( Being off social media is providing me with some stunning clarity and insight.) Think of it, things are so awesome in this country that we take it for granted that nearly everyone is essentially walking around with a handheld computer/video camera/mobile phone, and not just one per family to share, but everyone in a family has their own. In 1986, a portable camcorder was seven hundred bucks. A Commodore computer was about four hundred dollars. The first mobile phone, from Motorola in 1983, went for just under four thousand dollars. These are all things that were luxuries not even close to readily affordable for the average family. To give it some perspective, in the 1980’s, seven hundred dollars was well over a month’s rent on a house for most people depending on where they lived, for some it was twice as much. I was out and about today, in a store where there was a Starbucks in the store, then I walked outside and there was another Starbucks right across the parking lot. And that isn’t an uncommon occurrence as Starbucks go, is it? Our stores are full of fresh food, luxury items, aisles devoted to scented candles and perfumed soaps, and magazines! Imagine if we could focus on the good more than the bad.(Maybe you don’t think scented candles are good, I don’t know. Taste is subjective, arbitrary.)

I’m making a serious effort in that direction, being optimistic, because what changes the focus, and things for the better, begins with each and every one of us.

Songs of the day, heard while wherever, in the car, in a store, etc.

Silly Love Songs, by Wings, released April 1, 1976.


Breathless, by The Corrs, released July 3, 2000


Only the Young, By Journey, released January 8, 1985


Something About You, by Level 42, released 1985

I always liked the video for Level 42’s “Something About You.” Heard that one on the radio today, instant mood changer, started singing along. 1985 was a long time ago. I’ve been kind of feeling that a lot lately…my years. Today, in a store, a young woman working there said I looked familiar. I used to work with her mom. The last time I saw her she was just going into middle school, very bright young lady, that was twenty-two years ago. Now, she said has four kids of her own. So, I was like, “Wow.” Time really does fly. Make the most of it. Make the best of it.




Haven’t quite watched all of this yet, but what I’ve caught of it has been pretty good.