Day Four, Sans Twitter

Today is day four sans Twitter. Do I miss it? Yes. Presently, as in right at this moment, very much. I was just listening to a great, old, song, and the urge was to post it up, share the cool jam. I miss things like that. Not being on there, I’ve realized what a habit it had become, and how many other things I was missing/not getting accomplished as a result of using twitter, being on twitter, looking at my phone to check twitter. I quit cigarettes twenty-seven years ago, twitter had become my new cigarette. First thing in the morning, check twitter, etc. I’ve re-linked my webpage feed to Goodreads, and my Amazon page. I’m sure there will be some other adjustments, possibilities, going forward, I’ve got some ideas. Really, also, want to write a lengthier post right now but, I’m in the midst of a major snit of re-organizing and cleaning, because when you’re on twitter 24/7, you tend to just shove things into drawers. Every drawer in my office had turned into a junk drawer. I just found three sets of headphones, one of them from my first “smartphone”, which was a BlackBerry, that I never quite learned how to use. Plus, there’s light outside and I might actually go out there for a while and get some fresh air before the day is eaten up. So, hoping to get to that longer blog post this evening perhaps, I’ve got some things to say about some things. As well as continuing to work on getting the book formatted, put together, ready for sale. I’ve managed to follow most of the webpages I want to keep up with using the wordpress reader. How much more complimentary is that, in so many ways, than following someone’s twitter feed, to take the time to actually engage with their work? It’s working for me, so far. But here’s where I’m about to digress and write that longer post that would keep me sitting here for a couple of hours and…  I’ve things to do.


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