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This Strange New World

I’m considering so many things, thinking, about this strange, new, world, we’ve found ourselves in as we are now in the future. This is an interesting interview, this quote, talking about the 24/7 internet, etc.

“…The societal question is more complex, although I think itโ€™s users themselves and not luddite abstainers like me who are best placed to speak on it. But as youโ€™re askingโ€ฆ Maybe itโ€™s time to speak a bit more honestly to ourselves about how weโ€™re using this technology. Avoiding self-deception โ€“ thatโ€™s the hardest bit. You have to get off the defensive, out of the public argument and just sit in a corner with yourself and do a frank accounting. What is this little device in your pocket doing to your intimate relations with others? To your behaviour as a citizen within a society? Maybe nothing! Maybe itโ€™s all totally cool. But maybe not?…” Zadie Smith

complete interview/article here.