Taking a Longer Moment

For those of you following my webpage, I’m going to be taking an extended hiatus from most of my internet activity, presumably at least through the end of the year. Hopefully getting back into things with the release of the next book of stories after the holidays.

The end of our summer was extremely hectic for both Jess, my husband of…a couple of decades, at least, now… and myself. Too many projects back to back. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for too long and it has caught up with me in the post Halloween sugar slump. I’ve had a fever of a hundred and three off and on for two days. I’ve dropped ten pounds in two weeks. ( I could drop ten more and still be fine…) One of the things about living with a chronic illness is learning to know when you’ve hit your limit. This fever is likely unrelated to my Still’s Disease but I’m exhausted. I’ve been pushing myself very hard for a long time, I’m not even really sure what for only that I felt like I couldn’t stop. Maybe that’s what it’s like when you feel like you’ve waited a lifetime to do something and you can hear the clock ticking on everything all the time. The next book, Covenants of Lingering Bones, a collection of dark fiction and horror, is finished. I’m proofreading, making small corrections, but it won’t be ready before next year. I don’t know what the next book will be after that, but I am thinking along the lines of something less foreboding. I know I’ve got enough poetry for another book or two but that’s very tedious to format and edit, so I don’t know. I do know if I keep going like this, well, I won’t be much use to anyone. I owe it to the people who do love me not to push myself any harder for a while.

Emotionally, the last couple of years have been a process of letting go of and sorting out a lot of things. I’ve been writing, and publishing, so much that I’ve realized I’ve never been this disorganized with it all. I’ve never had so many different notebooks going at one time with bits and pieces in them, and that seems like something I want to get straight before I start something new because that’s how things get lost. I found this poem that I wrote sometime earlier this year, but I don’t know when and it isn’t like me not to have written a date on it. But, I found this today and it was the poem I needed to find because I don’t want to have to stop right now, and that’s right back around to why I push so hard to begin with. Anyway, time to really take some time. God willing, I will be back at this all soon enough.
Until then, have a wonderful November, a great holiday season everyone!




A Simple Refrain / 2018/ Teri Skultety

all afternoon
a simple refrain
running around
on the loose in my brain
let go
let go
let go…
let go of the anger
let go of the pain
let go of the tears
you lost in the rain
let go of the moment
let go of the night
let go of the time
you were chained to the fight
let go of the morning
the dawning of day
let go of the things you didn’t know how to say
of the roads not taken
you can never go back
let go of the breaking
the shaking
the lack
let go of the hunger
let go of the need
that led you to sorrow
and caused you to bleed