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Clean Water

So, I wouldn’t call myself an “environmentalist” unless home decorating counts. I think we’ve got some serious issues with regard to refuse, litter, polluting our waterways and thus, our water. I’m one of those people who believes that the planet is actually “greening” and greener, that is, that there is more vegetation, more green forest area, on the planet now than there has been in a long time. I also don’t believe in ‘global warming’ as a major threat to humans, certainly not the planet. One of the reasons why I don’t believe in it is because I’ve read a bunch of different things about it myself. I’ve also lived in the same general area for several decades and it isn’t any warmer here now than it was twenty years ago. I’ve no interest in arguing those points with anyone. Ah, clean water, however, is another matter. The need for clean, potable water, isn’t really a debatable subject. I’ve talked about this topic several times on this here webpage and likely will again. It is really wonderful to hear others talking about the importance of it.

This piece is from a little over a year ago, however several authors share their thoughts on what environmental issues give them nightmares and it’s worth a read. Link here.