Vampires, What’s Good About Them?

Okay, post two for today… Vampires, What’s Good About Them?

This Baudelaire poem, Metamorphosis of the Vampire.

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, by Johann Sebastian Bach, though not always associated with Dracula.





Grandpa, from The Lost Boys, and also, Nanook


Near Dark


Vampire Hunting/Killing Kits


This, because it still makes me laugh.


Only Lovers Left Alive, the most beautiful dirge of a film.


This novel that I wrote.


This Vampire Emergency kit that someone made that I want one of.

There’s something to be learned from everything. There are probably other good things about vampires, they take some of the heat off werewolves from time to time, I guess, you know, depending on the decipherable clues. Capes and cloaks can be cool. They can fly and shape shift. They stick to a schedule, which is nice. I’m not one. I might not have written a full length novel, or known for certain that I can, were it not for vampires. So, I kinda gotta give ’em that.


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