Perspective, Resilience, The End of Summer…

Greetings and salutations! The end of summer approacheth…

We’ve been incredibly busy, doing all kinds of things that have needed to get done, some things that have to get done. You know how it is when it seems like it’s just chores all the time. But it’s one of those things where it really isn’t anything to bitch about, but you want to vent anyway. Then there was a thing or two to be actually be pissed about and, I dealt with it. That all sounds vague. I shall be vaguer! Then there were some things that I was getting irritated about, not necessarily a “new situation,” ( not hardly), that I cannot do anything about. In other words, the only person I’m in charge of is me. ( And really, thank God for that at this moment, I mean, really.) Therein lies the answer. If you’ve got a “problem” that it seems like you can’t solve, then, if you absolutely can’t avoid doing any other thing, consider your own perspective about whatever the problem is. I can’t change the problem, but can I change how I’m looking at it, how I’m dealing with it? ( See how you can be vague and still illustrate the point because for the sake of this digression, it doesn’t matter what the problem is, it only matters what the (potential) solution is.) In this instance, yes, I can change my perspective with regard to the particular issue. And that, changes the “problem.” So, that’s what the above paragraph was really about, if it seems like you’ve got a “problem” you can’t solve, change how you’re looking at the problem.ย  ( That might take some serious strength of being.)

Along the lines of perspective, coming out of a store the other day, a girl approached me and asked me for money. Generally I carry no cash whatsoever, not even any change. I had, however, just taken my son to dinner for his birthday and had a bit of that money left. This girl couldn’t have been more than fourteen or fifteen years old, incredibly soft-spoken, no rough edge to her voice, yet, asked me for money. I gave her ten dollars. I was in tears by the time I got to the car, realized I had another five, she was gone, couldn’t see through the tears. Got home realized I had another eight bucks and just… you know… I mean, if you’ve got a heart, a soul, just… what? Then I could not think what in the world I would possibly do with that eight dollars after that, and that for some people, that would barely cover their morning coffee. I ended up spending it on some inexpensive cat food as there’s a scrawny stray wandering around that’s been breaking my heart too, and I don’t like cats. I believe in find a good, local, charity, etc. if that is something you are of a mind to do.

You may, or may not have, noticed that I got sucked back into Pinterest. Well, I’m back on Instagram too. I got lured back onto Instagram after reading Patti Smith’s book and realizing, she’s got an active Instagram account. What I haven’t done, and won’t do, is link my Instagram to any other social media etc. I don’t know if that matters or not or if it’s just some meaningless slight form of “protest” on my part but there that is. No, I’m not back on facebook, and, I don’t miss that at all. I mean, at all. I do love to take photographs, and seeing what some other picture takers I know of are doing. I don’t much worry these days about taking photographs for any reason other than to please myself. So sometimes I take great pictures, sometimes they’re blurry or out of focus, and I think that keeps things interesting. In de-cluttering some things, because you get to a point where you realize you can only have so much stuff and you’re either going to just go ahead and become a hoarder (No) or it’s time to cut bait with some things. I re-realized the usefulness of Pinterest for curating, saving, finding ideas. I got rid of stacks of old decorating magazines and the like. I’m still in that process of de-cluttering because all that stuff is stuff to take care of, and I’m kind of over a lot of it in that once you figure out what you really want to be spending your time on, you want to get to that. You know, and, how many blessings are there in those things as well, to have so many things. (When I donate items, it’s always to a local hospice charity thrift or to Goodwill, though I think any thrift donations are likely helping someone somewhere.) Speaking of de-cluttering, I had created a page on here with some posts for “free reading” but that looked cluttered to me too and I figure the “category cloud” in the sidebar covers it. There’s things I want to share, say yeah, check it out.

I’ve gone through many phases, stages, in this life, lived many lives in this one. God willing, and with any luck, I’m not done yet. Every now and then it’s good to clear the decks.



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